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Getting to Sheregesh

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Sheregesh is situated quite far from large cities, that is why it is not very cheap to get there. There are two main ways of getting to Sheregesh, either via Novokuznetsk, or via Novosibirsk. Both cities might be reached by plane and by train, including Transsiberian route.

Getting to Sheregesh via Novosibirsk

novosibirsk railway station Getting to SheregeshBy plane or by train to Novosibirsk, then from the Novosibirsk Bus station by bus №695 to Sheregesh. The timetable is available on (Rus). This variant is cheaper, but has a significant disadvantage: Sheregesh is 326 mi (525 km) away from Novosibirsk and it will take from 7 to 9 hours to get there.
Novosibirsk Bus station works round-the-clock. The ticket offices are on the first floor, entrance from Krasny Prospect street (Rus: Красный Проспект). There are 6 ticket offices where you can purchase travel, luggage and concessionary tickets.
How to get to the Novosibirsk Bus station: from the airport Tolmachevo by bus №111э (express). From the Main railway station by minibuses №4, 15, 32(1212), or by buses №8, 21, 32 (1232), 37 (1337), 111э (express).
The address of the Novosibirsk Bus station: Krasny Prospect, 4 (Rus: Красный проспект, 4).
Besides, there is a tourist train “Zimnyaya Skazka” (Winter Fairytail) that is available from November to May on route Novosibirsk – Sheregesh – Novosibirsk. It is the only tourist train in the Asian part of Russia. The trip takes 3 nights and 2 days. Two nights will be spent on the train, one – at the station. Two days will be spent in Sheregesh near Medvezhonok Mountain. Green Mountain with skiing, snowboarding and snowtubing trails is situated nearby. It is not possible to buy a ticket for the “Zimnyaya Skazka” train on-line. You should contact a tourist agency in Novosibirsk to do it, or come to the railway ticket office yourself.

Getting to Sheregesh via Novokuznetsk

novokuznetsk railway station Getting to SheregeshThe shortest route, but 50% more expensive. Sheregesh is 102 mi (164 km) away from Novokuznetsk and the trip will take 2.5-3 hours. Novokuznetsk can be reached by plane or by train.
In Novokuznetsk take either train №6042 “Novokuznetsk – Tashtagol” on odd days or №680 on even days. Travel time is 4.5 hours.
It is also possible to get to Tashtagol by bus: №692, 693, 694, 695, 703. The journey takes about 3-4 hours. The bus makes a few stops along the way.
Bus station in Novokuznetsk is located close to the railway station.
Then take local bus №101 to Sheregesh village. There is bus №3 from Sheregesh to the resort (to Kukuruza shop station), or it is possible to go by taxi or a free shuttle to Green Mountain.
To get to the bus station from the Novokuznetsk airport, take a bus №160.
The bus station is situated on the same square with the railway station.
The address of the Novokuznetsk railway station: Transportnaya str, 2 (Rus: Транспортная, 2).
The address of the Novokuznetsk bus station: Transportnaya str, 4 (Rus: Транспортная, 4).
The railway ticket office is open from 05:20 to 23:20
The bus station ticket office is open from 06:00 to 22:30
The address of the Tashtagol bus station: Geodezicheskaya street, 73 (Rus: ул. Геодезическая, 73)




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