Baikal Mile Festival of Speed
February – March 2022 (to be confirmed)

lake Baikal, Maximikha, Republic of Buryatia

The main idea of our event is to set speed records on a different types of vehicles on the ice surface of the deepest lake on Earth.

On March 2019 on the eastern shore of the Baikal lake the first festival of speed “Baikal Mile” took its’ place. And because of warm response given by spectators and media both, it has been made an annual event. This festival became a complete breakthrough in a history of international motorsport and racing culture because of extreme and severe nature conditions of Siberia. It is an ordeal and a challenge not only for pilots but also for technical equipment presented at the event.
On three specially equipped ice tracks with a length of 1/8 mile and one mile each team gets the opportunity to fix the highest mark on the speedometers of their racing vehicles.
Judges of the commission from Russia and USA, world-class athletes and Bonneville Speedweek champions, as well as stunt riding, drifting, drag racing, flat track, freestyle moto extreme – all these activities happen at the same venue! And all this is “Baikal Mile”!


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