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We will plant a tree in your honor near Baikal lake

Plant a tree Baikal

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the travel industry on hold. We believe that we can fight the enemy together and get benefits from the current situation.

We offer you to join the campaign “Cedar pine forest”. Book a tour scheduled for later in the year or for the next year and we will plant a tree (Siberian cedar pine) on your behalf.

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Baikal winter events guide

Annual events are one of the best parts of winter in Baikal! From Ice festival in Listvyanka village to Snow Storm ice gliders race there is always something going on throughout the entire season. Come and enjoy Baikal winter events!

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Moscow City Day 2020

Moscow traditionally celebrates its founding in the early September. In 202-, the city celebrates its 872th birthday.
On the Moscow City Day 2020 numerous events will take place throughout city.

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Tank biathlon 2020: T-80 tanks and woman’s crew

The upcoming tank biathlon 2020 will surprise visitors with 2 innovations.

Previous tank biathlons featured T-72B3 tank as the main vehicle. This year the Russian ministry of defense have introduced into the competition T-80UE-1 tank. In contrast to the T-72, with diesel engine, the T-80 has a gas-turbine engine, which gives the tank superior cross-country performance and high speed.

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How to explore Moscow museums for free?

The Russian capital has a lot to offer, including museums, that you can explore for days. It is not a secret, that entrance to museums in Moscow is rather expensive, however, any museum was designed to be open to everyone, without regard to their financial status. So there are some days and even a night a year when everyone can visit most Moscow museums for free.
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E-visa to Russia

e-visa to russia

Starting from August 8, 2017, nationals of 18 foreign States may be granted an e-visa to Russia through the border crossing points, located on the territory of the free port of Vladivostok.

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Journey to Christmas

Journey to Christmas

This year Moscow will turn into an amazing sea of wonders: the streets of the capital will become uncharted islands where everyone will be able to make a Journey to Christmas.

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Moscow city day 2015

This year Moscow celebrates its 868th birthday. There will be about 1,000 different events and activities including parades, fairs, street entertainments, sports contests and live music concerts.

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