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A big show featuring races “Car VS Aircraft”

A new unique show will be showcased within the International Exhibition “Oboronexpo 2014” on August  16th-17th, 2014. Airplanes and cars will compete with each other in their acceleration charasteristics and speed…

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The FAST AND FURIOUS program includes:

  • speed races “Car VS Aircraft”
  • flight program with participation of the best aerobatic teams
  • exhibition of aircraft and unique automobiles: SUPERCARS, SPORT, TUNING, CUSTOM, RETRO, ICONIC MAKES AND MODELS – in total about 2,000 vehicles
  • exposition of auto clubs
  • highway test drives of sports vehicles and supercars.

fast and furious2 300 300Venue:
Ramenskoye airfield

Address: Zhukovsky town, Moscow Region

Event cost: Ticket prices vary from 900 to 8000 rub

Website: (rus)

To get there:

1. Use the metro to head to Komsomolskaya metro station. Over the road from this metro station is Kazansky railway station. Take a suburban train from here to “Otdyh” station (rus: Отдых), the travel time is 55 min. See train timetable. Keep the ticket for the whole of your train journey! From the “Otdyh” station there is free bus service to Forsage events.

2. From the Vykhino metro station take a bus 424 or 478 to Zhukovsky


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