International Festival “Jazz at the Baikal”
March – April 2017 (To be confirmed)

Festival Jazz at Lake Baikal is held annually in various parts of Irkutsk region starting from June 2006.

The “Jazz at the Baikal” festival is the largest jazz festival in the world. Starting from 2006, famous musicians from all over the world, including Russia, Europe, US, Japan, and Brazil, etc. come to Irkutsk.
A cheerful baby seal wearing glasses and a saxophone is an emblem of Jazz at Lake Baikal festival. The unique Baikal atmosphere makes the festival special.

The following events takes place within the framework of Jazz at the Baikal festival:
– Concerts of jazz performers from different countries of the world with participation of local ensembles;
– Master classes for students in establishments of culture and arts of Irkutsk region;
– Charity concerts;
– etc.

Venue: Different sites around the city.
Event cost: Free

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