IX International Cultural Forum
11 – 13 November 2021

Different locations around St Petersburg

For the eighth time, Petersburg will host a unique cultural event of a world level.

The MISSION of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum is to form the key vectors of the development of culture as a progressive force that brings the constructive origin into life of our country and of the world community as a whole.

In the local context, the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum presents itself the principal event of the cultural life of the great country in the days when the national consciousness is experiencing its rebirth and Russia is reconsidering its global roles and meanings. Culture is a soul of a nation and that is why the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum is one of the fundamental points of these historical processes.

In the global aspect, the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum is considered the one of the key elements of domestic and foreign policy. Russia in the contemporary world appears not only a country of great culture, but also state, that successively defends the constructive values: the preservation of the cultural heritage and diversity, mutual respect and equal dialogue. That is why, in the eyes of world community Russia aims to represent the positive and originative tendencies in politics, culture and social development as a counter to the aspiration towards destruction and chaos.

Venue: Different venues in Saint Petersburg
Website: http://lfspb.ru/ru/ (RU)

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