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Monino Aviation Museum tour

Monino Aviation Museum tourDuration: 5-6 hours
Group: up to 35
Season: All year round
Language: English
Tour type: Museum tour, Military tour
Tour price: from 3,900 rub per person




The Central Air Force Museum at Monino is the largest aviation museum in Russia and a “must see” for all aviation enthusiasts.

Located 38 km (24 mi) from Moscow, it houses the greatest collection of air-related items. The exhibits are located in the open air, in two hangars and six exhibition halls. The whole exhibition complex covers over 20 ha. The museum was opened in 1960 at the original airfield location. Today, the former airfield structures serve as the museum facilities.

Apart from war machines, cargo, sport, and civilian planes and helicopters, the museum features collections of missiles, bombs, fuses and ammunition, navigation instruments, pieces of radio and communication equipment, rescue equipment, flight insignia, banners and flags, documents, uniform, letters, personal things of pilots, and numerous art exhibits. Many of the aircraft were produced in limited numbers and can only be found in the Monino Aviation Museum. Besides, the museum houses the most complete collection of Soviet and Russian aviation history.

On the Monino Aviation Museum tour, you will see the military aircraft of the early 20th century (for instance “Ilya Muromets”, 1913) and WWII (Po-2, Pe-2, Tu-2, DB-3, SB, IL-10), supersonic jet aircrafts (including Tu-144) and the largest helicopter ever built Mil V-12.

The best part of the Monino Aviation Museum is that most of the exhibits are located outdoors, which means there will no annoying roof or walls of a hangar on the background of your pictures.

Please note!
1. Most of the exhibits are outdoors and in unheated hangars. Consider weather conditions for your comfort.
2. Consider opening hours of the Monino Aviation Museum:
Daily except Monday, Tuesday and last Thursday of each month
Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun: 9:00 – 17:00
Sat: 9:00 – 14:00


Monino Aviation Museum tour

Monino Aviation Museum tour

Monino Aviation Museum tour

Monino Aviation Museum tour







Price of the Monino Aviation Museum tour:
1 PAX – 19500 18100 rub
2 PAX – 10600 9400 rub per person
3-4 PAX – 8900 7700 rub per person
5-6 PAX – 7200 6500 rub per person
7-9 PAX – 6400 5800 rub per person
10-14 PAX – 5900 5300 rub per person
15 PAX or more – 3800 3900 rub per person

The price includes:
– Hotel pick up/drop off service
– Transfer to the Monino Aviation Museum tour (round trip)
– Admission ticket
– English-speaking guide

The price does not include:
– Food and drinks

It is possible to explore the exposition independently without an english-speaking guide. In the case, the tour price will be less.


Monino Aviation Museum tour

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2 thoughts on “Monino Aviation Museum tour

  1. Mike Dearie


    Would this tour include Hanger 6B that houses the World War II aircraft which are normally not accessible.

  2. Daniel Crosby

    Great tour. Guide was the best. Know technical and histirical facts. Organization was superb. They help us in moving arround from the airport. The collection is wonderful and full of unique subjetcs. Go fast as long as it lasts. On the day we went it rained so take care 😉


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