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Mustag Mountain

Mustag Mountain (1570m high) is the highest mountain and the second most popular peak in Sheregesh among fans of extreme sports (after Green Mountain).

mustag mountain

Photo by Todenhoff

Mustag is the most worshiped mountain of the Mountain Shoria. Its name is translated from the Shors language as Ice Mountain. A great number of legends and believes are connected with it. No matter how far from Mustag Mountain people are, they always pray facing it.

The mountain spreads 9km from south-west to north-east. The maximum height of one of the peaks is 1570 metres. The hillside is rather steep (up to 40 degrees). A coniferous forest covers the mountain up to the height of 1300m, brachytic plants grow higher. Moss and lichen are widely spread on the rocks. The top of the mountain is flat and oligotrophic bogs are frequent here. The tops of the peaks are covered with snow until August, and sometimes the snow doesn’t melt at all. There are a lot of cowberry and bilberry fields. The riverheads of the Telbess, Bolshoy Taz and Mundybash rivers and multiple streams spring from this mountain.

Despite poor infrastructure, the mountain has already won the love of many adventurers. Fans of freeride and backcountry have appreciated the steepness of its slopes. Well-known freeride-route “Viktoryevka” passes over the mountainside. In addition, the slopes of Mustag are classed as not avalanche-prone. The free ride here is safe and available to everyone. An Alpine ski trail Dollar with a chairlift Khlebnitsa is situated on its southern side. For more informanition on trails and lifts visit page the Alpin ski resort Sheregesh.

Mustag Mountain is popular both in winter and in summer. Hiking tours can be made in summer.



Photo courtesy of Ksenia Kirshakova



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The Camels buttes are remnants of magma destroyed by rain, wind and frost. The range received its name after one of the buttes that resembles a lying camel.

The Upside-down House is situated near a group of hotels close to the Sky Way ski trail. The whole building with all the furniture, dishes, household appliances and home furnishings was put upside down.

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Tashtagol is the administrative centre of Tashtagol district of Kemerovo region of Russian Federation. Often Tashtagol serves as a departure point for Sheregesh.

Shorian National Park spreads 110km from south to north and 90km from east to west. A great variety of outstanding natural monuments are located in the park.

Ethnographical open air museum Tazgol keeps the cultural traditions of the mountain Shors.

The exposition of the open air museum Shorsky Gulag in Ust-Kabyrza village is dedicated to the victims of Stanin’s repressions.




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