How to get to Myshkin

Myshkin transport

Direct buses NORDEXPRESS run between Myshkin and Moscow. It is possible to purchase the tickets online. Unfortunately, the web site is in Russian only.

Buses depart from 2 Moscow metro stations:
– “Botanichesky sud” (Rus: Ботанический сад),
– “Otradnoye” (Rus: Отрадное).

Bear in mind that NORDEXPRES buses come to the pier of Korovino village located on the right bank of the Volga (Myshkin is on the left bank). Free ferry crossing operates from 6am to 10pm (departing every hour) during summertime. The schedule depends on season (in autumn the working hours are reduced). If you travel by car, you should pay about 1500 rub for the ferry crossing.

In addition, you can consider reaching Myshkin through Rybinsk and Uglich.

Trains from Moscow proceed to Rybinsk 2 times a week; a ride takes 9-10 hours. See the train timetable.

Bus service to Rybinsk is relatively frequent and reliable. Buses depart from Shyolkovsky bus station in Moscow.
To continue the travel to Myshkin, take a bus in Rybinsk. Buses depart several times a day, and the travel takes 1.5 hour. Buses, following from Rybinsk, along with NORDEXPRES buses come to the pier of Korovino village.

The most convenient way to get to Myshkin is transit through Uglich. Buses run between the two towns all the year round (no need in ferry crossing). See the link to know how to get to Uglich from Moscow.

Travel from Saint Petersburg to Myshkin is also possible. Take a train to Rybinsk or Yaroslavl first, and then continue the travel by bus.
Besides, Myshkin has a river port, receiving cruise ships. Regular river connection to Myshkin does not exist.

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