We will plant a tree in your honor near Baikal lake

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the travel industry on hold. We believe that we can fight the enemy together and get benefits from the current situation.

We offer you to join the campaign “Cedar pine forest”. Book a tour scheduled for later in the year or for the next year and we will plant a tree (Siberian cedar pine) on your behalf.


Siberian cedar pine is by far the king of all the trees of the taiga and national pride of Russia. The average life of this tree is usually from three hundred to five hundred years. This powerful tree can reach majestic shapes and sizes, and against neighboring spruces and firs seem to be a giant with huge powerful branches and crown. Siberian pine nuts are nutritious, healthy and very tasty. 

The new trees will be planted in your honoree’s name in Listvyanka village next to the Baikal, the world’s deepest lake. Each tree will have a nameplate. You can plant a tree in your own name as well as pay tribute to your friend or loved ones.

You will be aware that somewhere in Siberia a tree named after you or your friend is growing. You are always welcome to visit your ward tree and take memorable pictures with it!

Go through several steps to join the campaign:

  • Book a tour.
  • Pay a 10-30% deposit.
  • We plant a tree in your honor and set a nameplate in front of it.
  • We send you a picture of your tree.
  • When the coronavirus is over, you will be able to visit Russia, join the tour and see your ward tree with your own eyes!

One tour participant = One cedar pine

What benefits do you get planning your trip to Russia today?

  • Now we all stuck in our houses, so take the opportunity to research a Russian region you’d like to explore. You have more time to plan and seek out the best travel deals.
  • Flights are going to be as cheap as we’ve seen since the early 2000s.
  • Booking policies are evolving to be more flexible and consumer-friendly than ever before.
  • Now you have time to earn enough miles or points to drastically reduce the out-of-pocket costs on the upcoming trips. Moreover, award programs offer better conditions than they have historically been in the past.
  • It is obvious, that prices are going to increase sharply when the outbreak calms down and demand rebounds.

Another reason should be noted separately. The coronavirus outbreak and oil price fall affected the Russian currency and the ruble crashed to its weakest levels since early 2016. From a budget point of view, travelers can get good savings on hotels and transportation. Use the current situation and buy a trip to Russia at the lowest rate.

Still in doubt? Here are the safeguards that we put in place to make sure your vacation will go off without a hitch:

  • You can reschedule or postpone your trip 14 days before the service period for any other date.
  • You can cancel any tour 14 days before the service period. No financial loss at all!
  • Most of our services require a 10-30% deposit only. The balance should be paid at a later date.

Thus, if you book a trip and ultimately decide that it’s not the right time or place to travel, we’ll help you update your plans by transferring your reservation to a future date, or to another trip, without cancellation penalties. If you wish to cancel a tour 14 days before the service period, we’ll refund everything you’ve paid us for it.

* * *

Remember, the Coronavirus will not impact the beauty of the clearest Baikal Lake, the thrill of the Russian military tours, the wonder of your first dog sledding ride, or the magic of seeing the Northern Lights. All those experiences will be waiting to be enjoyed!

The time will pass, the turbulence will calm down, while your tree will continue to grow as a symbol of hope, a sign of a new beginning and a living tribute.

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