Rehearsals of Victory Day military parade
3 - 4 May 2022

Throughout Moscow 

Moscow visitors will be able to see military hardware rolling across Moscow’s streets during the rehearsals of Victory Day parade.

In Moscow, rehearsals of the military parade will begin in May. The first run of military equipment will take place at night from 3 to 4 May. After that, two more rehearsals will take place: morning and general ones.

On the night rehearsal, military equipment will drive up to Tverskaya Street around five o’clock in the evening. Here it will stand for several hours. At this time, everyone will be able to take photos. Next, the combat vehicles will go to Nizhni Mnevniki Street. From here, the start of the night rehearsal will begin. The time for passing the technique is scheduled for ten o’clock in the evening.

It should be noted that some of the combat weapons will be hidden under the covers, but this will not prevent everyone present from being convinced of the power of Russian weapons. It is not known for sure when the night training will end. Everything will depend on the coherence of the personnel and the speed of movement of combat vehicles.

Guests and residents of Moscow will be able to watch this action in the following places:

The Red Square;
Kremlin Embankment;
Borovitskaya Square;
Mokhovaya Street;
Vozdvizhenka street;
Novy Arbat
Novinsky boulevard;
Tverskaya street;
Bolotnaya street;
Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge;
Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge.
The column will be led by elite units. Technique follows. This year it is planned to use 159 units.

Event cost: Free
Location: Moscow

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