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Rehearsals of Victory Day military parade 2016

Moscow visitors will be able to catch a glimpse of Russia’s military hardware rolling across Moscow’s streets during the rehearsals ahead of Victory Day parade on May 9.

Rehearsals of Victory Day

Unfortunately, the parade is an invitation-only event. Tickets cannot be bought; they are distributed among veterans and their carers, civil servants, senior military officers, and members of the media. However, for those who still want to witness the Russian military hardware on the move, three rehearsals of Victory Day parade are scheduled to take place on April 28, May 5 (nighttime rehearsals) and on May 7 (final rehearsal). Military machines and marching servicemen will move along Tverskaya Street and further to Red Square, where the rehearsal takes place being part of large-scale preparations for the Victory Day parade.

The best point to observe the military vehicles is the part of Tverskaya Street enclosed between two squares – Pushkinskaya y Okhotniy Ryad. At around 19:00-19.30 all the vehicles will line up along Trerskaya.

Rehearsals of Victory DayAviation is well visible from many points: at 10.45 – 11.00, airplanes and helicopters will fly over Leningradsky Avenue, 1st Tverskaya street, Tverskaya Street, Red Square, and Raushskaya embankment. Generally, airplanes fly over the even-numbered side of the streets, so the best observation point is on the odd-numbered side. A great place to see and take photo of the aircraft on the background of St. Basil’s Cathedral is Raushskaya embankment, because during rehearsals of Victory Day parade normally it isn’t closed.

The infantry never comes to Red Square in full force. Usually squads come to the square from different directions: Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, Ilyinka Street, and Varvarka Street. However, these streets and the adjoin ones will be closed. Perhaps something might be seen from the Grand Ustinsky Bridge.

Over 10,000 personnel, about 100 pieces of military equipment and 71 aircraft will be part of the military parade 2016.

Victory Day military parades on May 9 will be held in 26 Russian cities.



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