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Russian Cuisine Festival: The best Moscow’s chefs will create menus based on works of Russian classics

After successful debut last year, the Russian Cuisine Festival is coming back to Moscow this fall.

As 2015 is announced as the “Year of Literature in Russia”, the festival will be held in an unusual format – Literary tastings. Within a month, Moscow will become a “gastronomic library” in order to revive the traditions of Russian cuisine. Popular restaurants will offer visitors a specially designed menus based on works of Russian classics.

From 2 to 31 October, menu of Moscow restaurants will make guests feel like heroes of works of Tolstoy, Pushkin, Chekhov, Bulgakov, Gogol etc. Visitors will be able to taste dishes mentioned by the great authors in their works.

The Restaurant Mark and Lev will present a menu based on the famous dinner of Stepan Arkadyevitch Oblonsky described in the novel “Anna Karenina”:

Russian Cuisine festival“Stepan Arkadyevitch liked dining, but still better he liked to give a dinner, small, but very choice, both as regards the food and drink and as regards the selection of guests. He particularly liked the program of that day’s dinner. There would be fresh perch, asparagus, and la piece de resistance– first-rate, but quite plain, roast beef, and wines to suit: so much for the eating and drinking”. <…> “The men went into the dining-room and went up to a table, laid with six sorts of spirits and as many kinds of cheese, some with little silver spades and some without, caviar, herrings, preserves of various kinds, and plates with slices of French bread”. <…> “The dinner was as choice as the china, in which Stepan Arkadyevitch was a connoisseur. The soupe Marie-Louise was a splendid success; the tiny pies eaten with it melted in the mouth and were irreproachable. The two footmen and Matvey, in white cravats, did their duty with the dishes and wines unobtrusively, quietly, and swiftly”.

The menu of the restaurant will include snacks and meals mentioned in the novel.

Menu of the BBcafe takes you into the atmosphere of Mikhail Bulgakov’s satirical fantasy “A Dog’s Heart”:

Russian Cuisine festival“On gorgeous flowered plates with wide black rims lay thin slices of salmon and soused eel; a slab of over-ripe cheese on a heavy wooden platter, and in a silver bowl packed around with snow – caviare. Beside the plates stood delicate glasses and three crystal decanters of different-coloured vodkas”. <…>

“’Vodka should be at least 40 degrees, not 30 – that’s firstly,’ Philip Philipovich interrupted him didactically, ‘and secondly – God knows what muck they make into vodka nowadays. What do you think they use?’

‘Anything they like,’ said the other doctor firmly.

‘I quite agree,’ said Philip Philipovich and hurled the contents of his glass down his throat in one gulp. ‘Ah . . . m’m . . . Doctor Bormenthal – please drink that at once and if you ask me what it is, I’m your enemy for life. “From Granada to Seville . . .” ‘

With these words he speared something like a little piece of black bread on his silver fish-fork. Bormenthal followed his example. Philip Philipovich’s eyes shone.

‘Not bad, eh?’ asked Philip Philipovich, chewing. ‘Is it? Tell me, doctor.’

‘It’s excellent,’ replied the doctor sincerely. ‘So I should think . . . Kindly note, Ivan Arnoldovich, that the only people who eat cold hors d’oeuvres nowadays are the few remaining landlords who haven’t had their throats cut. Anybody with a spark of self-respect takes his hors d’oeuvres hot. And of all the hot hors d’oeuvres in Moscow this is the best. Once they used to do them magnificently at the Slavyansky Bazaar restaurant”.

Venues: Moscow’s restaurants. The list of the restaurants-participants is on the website of the Russian Cuisine Festival.

Website: (Rus)

When: 2 -31 October 2015


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