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Russian museums go online

Every cloud has a silver lining. This is true for the current Covid-19 outbreak as well. Now you can explore the world’s treasures without crossing any border and even without leaving your comfortable chair.

On a par with other cultural institutions, museums all over the world open their collections for everyone. No tickets need anymore. The only thing you need is a stabe internet connection. Check out what Russian museums offer online.


1. State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg
Explore the collection of one of the largest museums in the world on the high-resolution virtual tour. Admire the extravagant interiors of the museum and its greatest collection.
Google Art project offers an online Hermitage guide as well. Choose a resource and enjoy!

Google Art project:


Russian museums online, Hermitage


2. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
See the best works of Russian art from different eras and authors. The collection includes more than 180 000 pieces and is regularly updated. It presents major masterpieces from the permanent exhibition.
The 3D collection is available in Google Art Project as well.

Google Art project:


Russian museums online Tretyakov gallery


3. State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg
The State Russian Museum houses the biggest collection of Russian fine art and is a top place to visit in Saint Petersburg. You can walk down the museum’s halls with the Google Art Project guide or take an interactive virtual tour on official website.

Google Art project:


Russian museum online


4. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow
This is Moscow’s premier foreign-art museum, which includes masterpieces from ancient civilisations, the Italian Renaissance and the Dutch Golden Age.
Explore the museum’s collection without walking long distances either on the museum’s website or using the Google Art Project guide.

Google Art project:


Pushkin museum online


5. Museum of Cosmonautics, Moscow
A must-see for those who want to know everything about space adventure. Among the most interesting exhibits are the First artificial Earth satellite, famous space dogs Belka and Strelka, the Soyuz spacecraft and the full-scale model of the core module of the Mir orbital space station.
The space exploration history can be learned with the Google Art Project guide.

Google Art project:


Museum of Cosmonautics online


6. Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow
The main theatre of Russia is now available online. It is possible to visit its backstage as part of a special tour inside the theater. There are three halls in the Bolshoi Theatre: the Historic Stage, the New Stage, and Beethoven Hall. The New and Historic Satges can be explored online.
Learn more about the Bolshoi Theatre.

Google Art project:
1. Historic Stage
2. New Stage


Bolshoi Theatre online


7. Peterhof State museum reserve, Saint Petersburg
Take a virtual tour above the summer residence of the Russian emperors from the birds-eye’s view. The website offers other multimedia projects: live broadcast of the Grand Cascade, information play system “The Grand Peterhof Palace”, etc. Learn more about the Peterhof museum.



Peterhof museum online


8. Tsarskoye Selo State museum, Saint Petersburg
The palace-and-park ensemble of Tsarskoe Selo is a superb monument of world-ranking architecture and garden-and-park design dating from the eighteenth to early twentieth centuries. Learn more about the Tsarskoye Selo.



Tsarskoye Selo online


9. Kuntskamera, Saint Petersburg
Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera) is one of the richest ethnographical museums in the world. This was the first museum in Russia, and is one of the oldest in the world. The Kunstkamera is famous mostly for its collection of monstrosities, preserved ‘freaks’, two-headed mutant foetuses, deformed animals and odd body parts, all collected by Peter the Great.



Kunstkamera museum online


10. Russian ethnographic museum, Saint Petersburg
The Russian ethnographic museum keeps 500,000 ethnographic artifacts on 157 large and small ethnic groups of Russia beginning from the XVIII century.



Russian ethnographic museum online


11. Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
More than 100 thousand photos are in the online collection and it keeps updating.



Multimedia Art Museum online


12. Mosfilm Concern Museum, Moscow
Mosfilm is the undisputed leader of the Russian film industry. Concern produces almost all the Russian motion pictures, television and video products.

Google Art project:


Mosfilm Museum online


13. Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Moscow
Museum of the Great Patriotic War (Victory museum) features exhibits and memorials concerning World War II, known in Russia as “The Great Patriotic War”. The museum occupies 14,143 square meters of exhibit space for permanent collections and an additional 5,500 square meters for temporary exhibits.



Victory Museum online




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