Spring Flower Festival
23 February - 13 March 2022

VIII Spring Flower Festival will be held in the Moscow State University Botanical Garden “Aptekarskiy Ogorod” 


Festival guests will be able to see a record number of tulips – more than 100 thousand, as well as boundless carpets of primroses with honey aroma, daffodils, sakura, magnolia, lilac, bird cherry, tree peonies, rhododendrons, apricots, cherries, plums, apple trees, a huge Ussuri pear and many others flowering plants.

The peak flowering of tulips falls on Victory Day – the riot of colors will continue for a couple of weeks.

Venue: 26/1 Mira Avenue
Event cost: from 700 rub
Opening hours: Every day from 10: 00 to 21:00
Website: https://hortus.ru 

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