Suzdal Attractions


The Suzdal Kremlin

The Suzdal Kremlin is the oldest part of Suzdal that laid the foundation for the settlement. Today, the Kremlin is a museum with numerous exhibits dedicated to the history of Suzdal, old Russian painting, and the treasures of the monasteries. 

The Museum of Wooden Architecture 

The Museum of Wooden Architecture was founded in 1968 on the place of the former Dmitrievskiy monastery, the oldest one in Suzdal. The wooden constructions from all over the Vladimir region were brought to the museum.

The Saviour Monastery of St Euthymius 

The Saviour Monastery of St Euthymius (Spasso-Ephimovsky monastery) was founded in 1352 by Boris Konstantinovich (Grand Prince of Suzdal and Nizhnigorod). It also served as a fortress reinforcing the town’s northern entrance.

The Alexandrovsky Convent

The Alexandrovsky Convent (or convent of Saint Alexander) was founded in 1240. As it used to be in those days, the convent was founded by a heroic military leader of the Middle Ages – the Russian prince Alexander Nevsky.

Deposition of the Robe Convent 

As the Deposition of the Robe Convent is located on a hill right in the center of the town, it is perfectly visible from any point of Suzdal. The ancient history of the convent is closely connected to the name of the nun Euphrosyne.

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