Rus: Суздаль 

Longitude: 40°27’13”E (40.4536153)

Latitude: 56°25’9”N (56.4191591)

Population: about 10 000

Land area: 6 sq mi / 15 sq km

The phone code is +7 49231

Standard time zone: GMT/UTC +3:00 hour

The town is located 220 km (125 mi) from Moscow and 38 km (24 mi) from Vladimir town.


Suzdal is a small old town located 220 km far from Moscow and 38 km from Vladimir town. Numerous attractions including monasteries, convents, churches and cathedrals make Suzdal a gem of the Golden Ring.

This city-museum located on the picturesque banks of Kamenka River has preserved down through the centuries its historical appearance and to this days it keeps various examples of early Russian architecture.
Suzdal is one of the oldest cities of Russia. It was first mentioned in 999. In those days it was the royal city and the main principality in Russia.
The main highlight of the city are brightly painted wooden houses and narrow streets. The quiet atmosphere, ancient architecture and picturesque rural views give a sense of a true Russian countryside.

Fun fact: With an area of 6 sq mi (15 sq km), Suzdal houses almost 300 landmarks including 53 temples.

Due to a lack of railroad communication with fast-growing regions of the country, Suzdal has stayed apart from modernization and industrialization. Authorities protect unique historical monuments and a traditional way of life. Erecting of towering buildings and big shopping centers in the city is prohibited. As it should be in the ancient cities, the highest constructions in Suzdal are temples.

A local speciality in Suzdal is medovukha, a mildly alcoholic drink made of honey. Berries, herbs, spices and roots may be used as additives. There is a Mead Plant in Suzdal that produces 17 types of medovukha and exports it across Russia. Medovukha is widely sold in Suzdal by locals and is served in cafes and restaurants of the town.

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