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At the edge of the Earth: Taybola Festival

The International Art Festival “Taybola” is held on the banks of the White Sea in the Onega district. This is one of the most beautiful places of the region with stunning landscapes and amazing northern nature.

The festival that gained momentum in Russia is going international. The first “Taybola” started in 2011 and more than 10,000 people from around the world have visited the festival since then.

taybola activity

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This time the festival will last 3 days with all kinds of workshops, shows, activities and varied musical program.

Visitors will taste the fragrant willow-herb tea and see all stages of its making; learn how to create laces, belts of cotton, acrylic or wool; take part in a variety of traditional activities and Russian folk games.

The festival’s major objective is to involve the audience in the creative process. Therefore, the festival participants will be able to build their own art objects, and look at the ones that were made by other guests.


Event cost: Free

Website: (Rus)


taybola bonfire

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When: July 10-12, 2015

Where: On the bank of the White Sea in the Onega district near the village Vorzogory, Arkhangelsk

How to get to “Taybola”:
1. Take the bus №530 from Arkhangelsk to Onega. Travel time – about 4 hours. Bus departs at 09:15, 14:30 and 20:00 from Arkhangelsk bus terminal.
The bus from Onega to Arkhangelsk departs at 04:00, 09:15 and 14:30
Arkhangelsk Bus terminal address:  2, Dzerzhinskogo av. (Rus: проспект Дзержинского, 2). Gps: 40.576346 64.547511
2. Cross the Onega by “Captain Mityagin” boat (Rus: Капитан Митягин) or “Zarya” ship (Rus: Заря). They depart from the Onega river port.
3. The regular bus will run from the river crossing to the festival camp during “Taybola”.

taybola fireshow

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taybola landscape

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