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Uglich Events

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Uglich Events photo paradePhoto festival “Photo Parade in Uglich”
10 – 14 August 2016

The festival units amateurs and professionals in the sphere of photo art and photojournalism and gives the possibility to make new talents known.



Original name of photofestival – “Uglich – identity of Russian province” (as it was created for popularization of little touristic town of the Golden Ring of Russia).

Festival lasts five days. Festival programme traditionally includes:
• Training programme: lectures, workshops, creative meetings with leading Russian photographers;
• Professional portfolio-review;
• Photography exhibitions of winners of International and Russian photo competitions and photo awards.
• Speed competition on a given subject;
• Absentia competition;
• Estimation of competitive works by jury;

Venue: Throughout Uglich
Event cost: Free


Harvest Uglich Events Uglich Fair of Harvest
22 August 2016

A Fair is organized at the central trade square of Uglich to present the traditional local organic food: vegetables, fruits, berries, honey, milk, cheese etc.



The middle of August is the harvest time.
The festival offers a festive folklore program and a variety of competitions: contest for the best exhibition place, the best recipe of the year, a photo contest and a competition for the most beautiful decoration of rustic cuisine.

Venue: Central park
Event cost: Free


Uglich Events Winter Leisure Winter Leisure
11 February 2017

Each year the festival «Winter Leisure» in Uglich proves that Russian winter is the best time for fun and new experiences.



The festival presents the colorful traditions of Russian festivities and includes different winter activities. The program of the festival includes ice fishing, dog sledding, ice-water swimming, ski race, show of hang-gliders, etc.
Visitors of the festival will be offered to taste authentic Uglich’s dishes: curd fritters, pancakes, spicy milk, etc. In frame of the festival, the traditional contest “Russian BBQ” will be held. Chefs will prepare different kinds of barbecue with various sauces.

Event cost: Free
Website: (Rus)


Uglich Events maslenitsaMaslenitsa
20-26 February 2017

Maslenitsa is a traditional Russian festival, a mix of pagan beliefs and Christian traditions, which marks the end of winter.



It is celebrated during the last week before Great Lent, eighth week before Eastern Orthodox Paskha (Easter).
Maslenitsa is also known as Pancake Week. Pancakes (rus: Блины [Blini]) are usually baked in large quantities and shared among friends and family to symbolize the sun and warmth. Maslenitsa lasts for up to one week.

Venue: Throughout Uglich
Event cost: Free


Uglich Events paskhaPaskha (Easter)
16 April 2017

A festival and holiday celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.



Paskha is how Russians call Easter, the main holiday of the Russian Orthodox Church. Believers end 40 days of fasting with midnight church services. During Paskha is customary to eat “Kulich” and “Paskha”, special yeast fruit cakes.

Uglich’s visitors will try traditional Russian Easter dishes and learn what customary Easter gifts for friends and relatives are.

Venue: Different locations around Moscow
Event cost: Free


Uglich events victory day

Victory Day
9 May 2017

Victory day or 9 May marks the day when the German military surrendered to the USSR in Berlin in 1945.



This day became the end of the Second World War (also known as the Great Patriotic War) for the USSR. Military parades are held annually throughout the country to celebrate this day. The biggest parade is in Moscow’s Red Square. Special parties, performances and concerts are organized for veterans as well. As a sign of respect and remembrance people give red carnations to veterans in the street and wear black-and-yellow St. George ribbon on their clothes.

Traditional march “Immortal Regiment” takes place on May 9 as an act of admiration and remembrance of all those who showed bravery during WW2.

Along with other Russian cities, Uglich will host a parade in Uspenskaya Square.

Remember, that May 9 is an official day-off. On this day most of public offices are closed and some public transport routes may be changed due to street events.

Venue: Different locations around Uglich
Event cost: Free


Uglich Events blagostina Blagostina
End of May 2017 (To be confirmed)

Blagostina (or St Prince Dmitry’s day) is an Orthodox holiday dedicated to Prince Dmitry who died in Uglich and was canonized.



On May 15, 1591, Prince Dmitry, an eight-year-old son of Ivan the Terrible and an heir to the throne, was found dead. The Dmitry’s death led to a civil disorder in the city and political crisis in Russia known as the Time of Troubles.
Within 10 days of the holiday, Uglich hosts various charity events dedicated to Russian children. Blagostina attracts pilgrims from all the country, who wish to protect their kids from the evil and illnesses.
Traditionally on this day, a solemn service is held at the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. A big «Uglich chime» accompanies the celebration.
Main festivities including games, songs, dances, and various competitions is held in the central square of the town.

Venue: Throughout Uglich
Event cost: Free


Uglich Events bike paradeBike festival “Uglich Verst”
16 – 18 June 2017

The festival program includes more than 15 types of sports and cultural events dedicated to cycling.



Both professional and amateur bicyclists of different age take part in the Bike festival “Uglich Verst”.
Among the festival activities are Mass bike rides, extreme bike shows, competitions in figure biking and slow ride, road cycle race along the Volga, and cross-country biking in the forest.
Verst is a Russian obsolete equivalent of a mile.

Venue: Throughout Uglich
Event cost: Free
Website: (Rus)


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