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From ancient times, Moscow has been known as a capital of Russia; however, it gained a status of real capital in the 15 century. Before, this title belonged to Vladimir.

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Vladimir is an easy reachable destination from Moscow; it is located 180 km far from it and about 1 h 45 min by train.

Typical tour of Vladimir includes central sights of the city and the nearby village of Bogolyubovo.
Among numerous highlights of the city are objects of the Russian architecture of the pre-Mongol era, that were well preserved and are distinguished by their uniqueness. This fact makes Vladimir one of the best Russian cities in terms of historical architecture.

Vladimir’s Golden Gate was built in the image of Golden Gate of Kiev, Constantinople and Jerusalem. None of these Golden Gates were not preserved as well as Vladimir’s Gate did. Moreover, it is considered a unique monument of military architecture of ancient Russia.

The main Vladimir’s cathedral is the Assumption Cathedral intended as the main cathedral of Russia. This majestic temple contains frescoes of Andrei Rublev, the famous Russian icon painter. The Vladimir’s Cathedral served as a prototype of the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin.

Next to the Assumption Cathedral, there is the Cathedral of St Dmitry, which is a classic example of the architecture of the 12th century and a unique monument of stone-carved decoration with 566 stone figures.

The nearby village of Bogolyubovo houses the Bogolyubsky monastery with ruins of the white stone castle of the 12th century, a remarkable monument of civil architecture. Besides, there is the Church of Intercession on the Nerl, which is believed the perfect church of ancient Russia due to harmony of its proportions.

In addition, Vladimir and Bogolyubovo, have other less significant but still very valuable monuments, including the Asumption Cathedral of the Knyaginin monastery built in early 16th century with the amazing frescoes of the 17th century, the majestic Cathedral of Our Lady of Bogolyubsk, etc.



Rus: Владимир
Longitude: 40°24’29”E (40.4135)
Latitude: 56°8’16”N (56.1377)
Population: about 350,000
Land area: 124.6 sq km / 48 sq mi
The phone code is +7 4922
Standard time zone: GMT/UTC +3:00 hour
The town is located 112 mi (180 km) from Moscow.

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