Days of worship of the Pandido Khambo Lama Itigelov <br>8 times a year

During 8 major Buddhist holidays Datsan’s guests are able to see the imperishable body of Itigelov. A few years ago the datsan became a place of pilgrimage due to the imperishable body of the 12th Pandido Khambo Lama Dashi-Dorzhi Itigelov. In 1927 he took the lotus position and plunged into deep meditation. Before he had […]

Sagaalgan <br>23 Februrary 2020

The word “Sagaalgan” is translated as “White Month” from the Buryat language and is associated with coming spring. Sagaalgan is a New Year by Lunar Calendar. Almost every family in Buryatia irrespective of the faith and nationality celebrates the holiday. During the Sagaalgan different kinds of entertainment such as concerts, shows, musical festivals are held, […]

Maslenitsa <br>24 February 2020

Maslenitsa is a traditional Russian festival, a mix of pagan beliefs and Christian traditions, which marks the end of winter. It is also known as Pancake Week. The traditional Slavic holiday is the fun farewell of winter, which is illuminated by the joyful expectation of the approaching warmth, the spring renewal of nature. Popular festivities […]

Paskha (Easter) <br>19 April 2020

The Orthodox festival and holiday celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Easter (Resurrection of Christ) is the most important and bright holiday of the Orthodox calendar. In the Russian folk tradition, Easter was celebrated as a triumph of renewal and rebirth of life. Rejoicing and joy of spring day, concert programs with […]

Museums at Night <br>16-17 May 2020

Almost all museums of Buryatia will be accessible free of charge all day long until late at night. Museums at Night is an annual festival designed to encourage people into museums, galleries and heritage sites by showing off the best they have to offer. Venue: Different museums of the Buryat Republic Event cost: Free

Day of Buryat Republic <br>30 May 2020

Day of the Republic of Buryatia is one of the significant holidays of Ulan-Ude residents. The celebration takes place in almost all cultural institutions. Ethnocultural festivals, historical exhibitions, concerts, entertainment for children will be held. A large program awaits the residents and guests of the capital, revealing the history of the republic, as well as […]

Republican choir assembly/Youth dance battle <br>June 2020

On the Day of Russia in Concil Square the choir assembly teams of cultural and leisure institutions, universities, colleges, children’s art schools, and secondary schools of the republic will attend. In addition, in the Youth Dance Battle in team competitions and individual battles dancers will compete not only from our republic, but also dancers from […]

Surkharbaan <br>July 2020

On Surkharban the best bators (warriors-wrestlers), the Mergens (sharpshooters), horses and dexterous riders will meet at the Central Stadium of the Republic of Buryatia. There will be competitions in the Buryat wrestling «bүkhe barildaan», archery, weight-lifting, breaking the spinal bone «kheer shaalgan» and the traditional dice «shagai naadan». The evening will end with a grand […]

International Music Festival “Voice of nomads” <br>July 2020

The Festival “Voice of Nomads” takes place in Buryatia since 2009. The concept of the festival is the idea of the ethnic diversity of cultures. The 11th time the festival gives the audience a waterfall of world music rhythms. Every year in the festival «Voice of the nomads» participate musicians of the highest level, who […]

Ulan-Ude city day <br>5 September 2020 (To be confirmed)

Ulan-Ude will be celebrating its 353rd anniversary on 7 September 2019. Do not miss this event if you are anywhere near the city. Traditionally the celebration starts at 11:00 on Sovetov square, continues until 20:00 hours and culminates with concerts and fireworks. Special events are held at venues including pedestrian part of Lenina str. (also known […]