International Music Festival “Voice of nomads”
July 2020

The Festival “Voice of Nomads” takes place in Buryatia since 2009. The concept of the festival is the idea of the ethnic diversity of cultures.

The 11th time the festival gives the audience a waterfall of world music rhythms. Every year in the festival «Voice of the nomads» participate musicians of the highest level, who on the basis of folk music create a contemporary musical art. The geography of participants is increasing every year. Teams of Buryatia, Tuva, Moscow and St. Petersburg, China, Mongolia, Ukraine, Hungary, Norway, the USA, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Niger, France took part in the festival, becoming its friends.

This year’s festival will be held again in the tourist complex «Steppe nomads» in the ancient Buryat village Atsagat (50 km from Ulan-Ude).

Visitors will see folklore performances, take part in traditional games and rites, try traditional food of different cultures. Among other activities: horse and camel riding, archery, bead embroidery, Lapta and Shagay games.

Venue: Atsagat settlement located 50 km far from Ulan-Ude
How to get to Atsagat settlement: For all the guests of the festival the transportation will be organized from Ulan-Ude to the tourist complex “Steppe nomad”. All the buses will have the sign with a logo of the festival “Voice of Nomads” (Rus: Голос Кочевников). The cost of the transportation for both ways is included in the cost of a festival ticket, just show the festival ticket to a bus driver.
Event cost: up to 2,000 rub

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