Block 130 of Irkutsk

The 130th Block of Irkutsk (130 kvartal or Irkutsk Sloboda) is one of the most popular Irkutsk’s promenade places. The historical zone with many old wooden buildings and houses constructed in the XVII century. Not many Russian cities can offer such sights. This place was created to preserve Russian architectural monuments not only in the books. Right now you can see one street with carved wooden buildings. The lower stories are decorated with the stone mosaic. The entire area is a walking zone. At the entry, you will see the city’s symbol, an Ussuri tiger with a sable in the mouth.
Despite the historical component of the 130 kvartal, you can meet modern objects. After sightseeing, you can stop at the shopping mall or have a snack at some restaurants.

Some of the buildings are city museums. For example, the Museum of Siberian Rail Road has dwelled in the Zatoplyaev house. The Craft Farmstead is located in the Kurnosov estate.

Opening hours: The museums are open Monday to Friday from the morning until 5-8 p.m.

Address: The 130 kvartal is located at the intersection of Sedov str, July 3 str, and Kozova str.

How to get to the Block 130:
From the Railway Station:
1. Get to the bus stop “Lenina”. Once you enter the Church, you will see the beginning of the 130 kvartal on the right side.
2. Bus stop “Stadion Truda.” Walk several meters until you see the “Ussuri tiger” monument.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 52°16′26.28″N
Longitude: 104°17′22.76″E

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