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We know that planning your trip to Russia may give rise to many questions. Flick us an email to or call to +79150620763 to get necessary information and assistance.

Our Services:

  • Make all the necessary calls and reservations
  • Create the perfect itinerary and develop unusual itineraries
  • Take care of all of your required permits
  • Arrange a guide or a vehicle with a driver
  • Meet, assist and give all support during your trip
  • Translation service


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39 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Zoltan

    Are you offering tank ride tours in April in St. Petersburg? I would like to book for 2 person. Can you send me a price list to my email. Thank you.

  2. AP

    Hello, I’d like to book a tank ride for two people. We will be in Moscow from December 30th to January 2nd and Saint Petersburg from January 2nd to 6th. What are the options for these dates and cities?

    1. russia

      Group tours are available in Moscow only. The group tour with a replica of the Jagdpanther tank destroyer is scheduled on January 2, 2020. Price is 11,500 rub per person. This day hasn’t been confirmed yet!

      In Saint Petersburg there are no group tours in winter. However, you can rent the cheapest vehicle, the BRDM-2. Price is 27,000 rub for the group of up to 6 people.

  3. Chenguang Zhang

    dear sir:

    i would like to book a tank ride tour in January,2020 in Moscow,would you please send me a tank ride tour time schedule in Jan 2020?

    1. russia

      Dear Sir,

      The January schedule will be announced in December. Please contact us in late November-early December

      1. Chenguang Zhang

        I would like to ask in January,2020 whether there is a T-34 tank tanks driving arrangements,Since that time estimated the weather is cold, I do not know whether the old models of tanks can start.

  4. Dimitriy

    Thank you for your website. Very good work. Please contact if you are interested in a pro guide in Irkutsk.

    1. russia

      Please contact the Russian consulate in your country.
      In order to obtain a study visa, an educational institution in Russia has to issue an invitation for you.

  5. Chang Chuan Yu


    We are planning to visit Irkutsk around this August. I came across to your web site and am interested to book 2 trips, Circum-Baikal Railway tour by Steam Locomotive Train & by Boat as well.

    Can you advise if there is still available seat for Circum-Baikal Railway tour by Steam Locomotive Train on 20 Aug for 2 people?

    Also we would like to book the boat trip on 22 Aug for 2.

    How can I proceed with booking?

  6. Dmitry

    Jamaica and Russia have signed a visa waiver for citizens of both countries to visit the other, for business and tourism, for up to 90 days. Just for your information, to update your site.

  7. Alice Wu

    My husband and I will visit Lake Baikal in June, we are very much like take the Circumbaikal train.
    Do you have two seats available for the first class in the electric train on day 13 or 14 in June?
    Thank you very much and looking forward to hear from you!

  8. Hamilton Hung

    we, family of 4, would like to join the tank and firing on July 11th and pls advise availability

    1. russia

      Dear Hamilton,

      There is no timetable of the group tours on July. It will be announced in early June. Could you please contact us, closer to the date. I will let you know what tank ia available on your date.

      However, there is still option, which is available daily for the groups of 3 or more people: rides on the German tank destroyer JagdPanther. Here is the description: Price is 11,500 rub per person. Shooting costs 100 rub per shot + shooting instructor service 8,000 rub. This tour is available for booking right now.

  9. Leonardo


    I’m going to Irkutsk and I would like to make a tour plan.

    I sent a email to you but a error message returned.

    Could you send me a email a I will send the details of my trip.


    1. russia

      Dear Leonardo,

      We have got your message and now are processing it. We will reply as soon as we gather all the necessary information.
      If you didn’t receive our email, please check the spam folder. If there is still no email, contact us via whatsapp +7 915 062 07 63

  10. Jean

    Hi, I’ll be travelling to Irkutsk in June and would like to go for the circum Baikal railway tour (the route that stops at Listvyanka). May I get the price quote and details of the tour eg. timetable? As I cannot confirm my travel date yet, may I know how long in advance do I need to book to secure a place usually? Thanks

    1. russia

      Hi Jean,

      The price depends on the train you will choose. I need the accurate date to find out which train will operate the tour on this date. June is a high season, I recommend you to book the tour as soon as you know the accurate date.

  11. Kirsty

    The steam locomotive train tour depart daily during July except on Friday, what is the option for Monday because i cant see both options incl. Monday?
    Besides, do we must to hire a English guide ?
    If we start from Listvyanka, what is the time and the meeting point is?

    1. russia

      Hi Kirsty,
      Here is the correct timetable:
      On Tue, Thu, and Sun the train operates the route Irkutsk – Listvyanka – Port Baikal – Slyudyanka – Irkutsk
      On Mon, Wed, and Sat the train operates the route Irkutsk – Slyudyanka – Port Baikal – Listvyanka – Irkutsk
      You don’t need to hire an english-speaking guide, unless you want to have a private tour. There is an attendant in the train, who can help you if you need somthing, but he doesn’t do the tour, doesn’t tell the history of the railway, etc.
      In Listvyanka there are two piers from where the ferry departs. The pier is known 1 month before the tour day. The departure from Listvyanka is at 9am (by steam locomotive train).

    1. russia

      Differences between the trains is that the retro train has a real steam locomotive at the head of the train. This fact makes the train more authentic. The coaches of both trains are almost the same, except that the electric train has two classes of carriage.

  12. Chung Lai Mei

    Hi, My husband and I will travel to Irkutsk on 26th June around 1640hrs. Our return flight is booked on 30th June at 0130 am. meaning we will need to be at the Airport before 1130 on 29th June. From 27-29 June we would like to do the Circum railway tour, the Olkhon Island with a overnight stay on the island and Banya included.
    Can you arrange that?

    1. russia

      Dear Chung Lai Mei,

      If I understand you correctly, you will have 3 full days in Irkutsk.
      As you have to depart on the third day, I don’t recommend you to have a Circum-Baikal Railway tour on that day.
      I offer you to do the Circum-Baikal Railway tour on June 27th. The train will operate the route Irkutsk – Listvyanka – Port Baikal – Slyudyanka – Irkutsk.
      You would spend the other 2 days on Olkhon tour (with an overnight stay).
      I will send you a email with booking details. If you won’t get our email, please check your spam folder or leave another comment here.

  13. Lukas Mani

    we stay for one day in Novosibirsk in February and would like to enjoy tanks and tank driving…
    Unfortunately we are there only the 26th of February. Is there a possibility to still do that?

    Thanks, Lukas

    1. russia

      Dear Lukas!
      The tanks are not available in Novosibirsk until april. I’m sorry!
      However there are a lot of places of interests. Let us know if you would like to do another tour.

  14. Georgiev Donka

    I would like to book 2 tickets (for Georgiev Donka and Bihay Michael)on the Circumbaikal retro steam train from Baikal to Slyudanka on August 9.

    Could you take care of that ?

    Let us know the price, time table and all information.
    Best regards

  15. AbaThomas

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  16. Mike kitching

    My wife and I, both aged 80, want to travel by comfortable boat from Stockholm to St Petersburg, about 22/23 Febuary. Daytime journey. What are the options please?

  17. Fess Stone

    Circumbaikal Railway- Can you tell me what days and time the train leaves Slyudyanka going to Port Baikal. Starting from September 28th until October 2nd?

    1. admin

      There are two options available: an electric train and a retro train. They have different schedules:

      The Electric train runs
      – on September 28, Thu (Port Baikal – Slyudyanka),
      – on October 1, Sun (Slyudyanka – Port Baikal),
      – on October 2, Mon (Port Baikal – Slyudyanka).

      Thus, the only day, that suits you is October 1, Sunday. The train arrives in Slyudyanka at 10:01 and leaves the village at 10:42. The train arrives in Port Baikal either at 17:07 or 16:08 (in case of shortened tour). There are some seats with a lakeside view still available (1st class carriage).

      The other option is the Retro train. It is available on September 30, Sat, Port Baikal – Slyudyanka. The train arrives in Slyudyanka at 10:00 and leaves the village at 10:40. The train arrives in Port Baikal at 18:30.
      There are several tickets available for the retro train, but there are no seats with a lakeside view left.

      The timetable might be slightly changed a day before the tour. You will be informed in advance.

  18. Van Nguyen

    If I want to travel to Ivolginsky Datsan to see the imperishable body of Lama Itighalov and stay about three days there, how much it cost me including hotel, and eating? What is the nearest international airport can I arrive from abroad (Daallas, TX, USA)?

    1. admin

      The price depends on the hotel you choose. We recommend you to live in Ulan-Ude. Ivolginsky datsan is located 30 km from the city. Concerning accommodation and eating, Ulan-Ude is quite cheap place. The nearest international airport is in Irkutsk. Usually, tourist reach Ulan-Ude via Moscow.

      The imperishable body of Lama Itighelov is allowed to visit only 8 times a year. Please, don’t forget to synchronize your trip with this date.

      Apart from Ivolginsky datsan there are some other datsans worth visiting. Look the page with the 3-day tour of Buryat Datsans

  19. Gurvinderjit

    If I. Need to from Stockholm to Helsinki then st Petersburg and back to Stockholm in ferry how much cost me in cruise


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