Camels buttes

Camels (Rus: Verblyudy) are buttes on a slope of Kurgan Mountain. They are remnants of magma destroyed by rain, wind and frost. The range received its name after one of the buttes that resembles a lying camel. The range contains a lot of fantastical rocks. It is clearly seen from Green Mountain, on the slopes of which the majority of Alpine ski trails are. There is a chance of making a snowmobile tour to the Camels and the Wayside Cross.

The Camels can be reached by a snowmobile, on foot or snowshoeing in winter. The buttes are suitable for rock climbing from May till October. However, in good weather you can climb from March until the beginning of November. The rocks are granite and have 5.0-5.15 category of complexity. There are 27 climbing routes on the rocks, 13 of them are located on the rock named “trapezoid”, while the 14 others are on the rock “Horseshoe”. The rocks are located in a 5-10 minutes walk from each other.

The highest point of Zelyonaya Mount (Green Mount) offers a stunning view over the buttes. In summer it takes 40-60 min to get to the Camels buttes from the top of Zelyonaya Mount. The area is marshy, wellington boots are needed. It is not recommended to visit the place without an instructor.

How to reach the Camels buttes: by chairlift Khlebnitsa (read more about Sheregesh lifts), then up the hill on foot (1 hour), by chairlifts to the top of Green Mountain to the Wayside Cross, the Camels will be off to the right (1.5 hours).

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