Festival Masters of Rus <br>June 2020

The Festival Masters of Rus’ is a festival of the Slavic culture that has recently become popular among the citizens of Novosibirsk. The founders of the festival believe that it helps to return to the traditions and experience that previous generations possessed. The visitors can get acquainted with the Slavic culture. Different martial arts are […]

Novosibirsk City Day <br>June 2020

The City Day is celebrated in Novosibirsk on the last Sunday of June. The organizers usually have an aim of showing all the achievements of the city. The main celebration is traditionally held on the Lenin Square, the main square of the city, which is closed for the transport on this day. A number of […]

Ivan Kupala Day <br>July 2020

This holiday is waited for by both children and adults. The obligatory ritual of the festivity is pouring water over all passers-by. Kupala is an ancient celebration related to the summer solstice after which the Slavs started haymaking, gathering linden blossom and first mushrooms. Initially the day was called Kres, but later a pagan tradition […]

Siberian Running Festival <br>September 2020

Thousands of people take part in Siberian Running Festival annually, including sport teams, professional runners and amateurs. Siberian Running Festival is one of the brightest sports events in Novosibirsk. It is an official event; that is why all the achievements are recorded by a special sport committee. The sportsmen from the age of 14 have […]

International festival “Classics” <br>December 2020

Russian and foreign musicians perform classical works, original arrangements of classical works, opera masterpieces and pieces for ancient musical instruments. The international festival “Classics” is held in the beginning of December. The first festival took place in 2012 as an event dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Philharmonic society. The classics are not only […]

New Year <br>31 December 2020

The New Year is the most anticipated holiday in Russia. It is widely celebrated throughout the country. The local authorities always pay a special attention to the preparation for the main winter holiday; that is why people in Novosibirsk are rarely bored during the first week of January which is traditionally the holiday time for […]

Siberian Festival of Snow Sculpture <br>January 2020

The festival is a real winter holiday attracting attention of the locals and the city guests who have an opportunity to enjoy the open-air exposition for one month. The Siberian Festival of Snow Sculpture is an international annual creativity contest. The first festival took place on 22nd-25th December 2000. Since that time it has been […]

The baptism of Jesus <br>19 January 2020

The traditions of this day include bathing which is performed at specially organized places in rivers and in the Ob Sea. The baptism of Jesus is one of the major Christian holidays commemorated on 19th January. There are usually 8 fonts in different parts of the city. The fonts open after the water in them […]

Maslenitsa <br>February 2020

The folk fest lasts all 7 days and includes outdoor celebrations, visiting friends and relatives, and baking pancakes that symbolize the Sun. Maslenitsa is an Eastern Slavic holiday, bright and loud, celebrated during one week. On Sunday, the last day of the festivity, all parks of Novosibirsk traditionally hold celebrations with round dances, trade fairs, […]

Victory Day <br>9 May 2020

The Victory Day is dedicated to the victory of the Red Army and the Soviet people over the fascist Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. The celebration begins with a military parade on the Lenin Square and a salvo from the intersection of Kamenskaya highway and Voyennaya street. The Immortal Regiment starts its […]