Cruiser Aurora: a ship of revolution

The Cruiser Aurora witnessed three power shifts in the political system of Russia: royal, Soviet and democratic. Two revolutions ushered in dramatic changes. The February Revolution led to the overthrow of the autocracy, while the October revolution resulted in the establishment of the Soviet regime – a completely new form of government.

The Aurora played a main role in the October Revolution. It gave the signal to revolutionaries to storm of the Winter Palace, which was being used as a residence by the Provisional Government. Today, the Cruiser Aurora proudly wears the title of the number one ship in the Russian Navy. The Cruiser Aurora has gone through the Battle of Tsushima, the central encounter of the Russo-Japanese War, two revolutions and two world wars. The ship has served in the Russian fleet for over a century. After World War II, the cruiser became a training base for the Nakhimov Naval Academy. In 1956 it was converted into a branch of the Central Naval Museum.

Nowadays, the Cruiser Aurora anchored on the banks of the Neva River and houses the museum on board. It was reopened on August 3, 2016 after nearly two years of repairs.

The museum comprises 10 exhibition rooms with various displays dedicated to the general history of the Russian fleet. Visitors also will be introduced into the daily life of the ship’s crew. The museum boasts an interactive exhibition. Unfortunately, the majority of the museum’s exhibits is presented in Russian, with little translation into other languages.

Opening hours: Wednesday through Sunday, 11.00-18.00, ticket office 11.00-17.15

Admission: 600 Rub. Children, students: 400 Rub
Tours in English: 500 per person (group up to 20 persons)
Audio guide: 600 Rub
Photo: 100 Rub
Video: 200 Rub

Advance booking of the group tours: +7 812 607 49 22

How to get there: The Aurora is docked at Petrogradskaya embankment in a 20-minute walk from Gorky or Lenin Square metro stations. It is better to combine a visit to the “Aurora” with a visit to Peter and Paul Fortress and the museum “House of Peter I». If you want to go directly to the “Aurora”, turn right at the exit of the “Gorky” station, and walk towards the banks of the Neva. Then go along the Peter’s quay until you see the ship.

The museum isn’t equipped for people with disabilities

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