Deposition of the Robe Convent

Deposition of the Robe Convent (also known as Rizopolozhensky monastery) was founded in 1207 and was the first monastery in Suzdal. As it is located on a hill right in the center of the town, it is perfectly visible from any point of Suzdal.


The ancient history of the convent is closely connected to the name of the nun Euphrosyne. According to the legend, her prayer averted disaster from the monastery during the invasion of Tatar-Mongol horde in 1238 that destroyed all the monasteries and temples of Suzdal.
Princess of Suzdal Euphrosyne was born in 1212. She was the eldest daughter of Great-prince Michael of Chernigov. The princess was betrothed to the brother of Alexander Nevsky, Prince Theodore. However, he died on the day of his wedding and the princess withdrew to the Deposition of the Robe Convent, where she was tonsured with the name Euphrosyne, in honor of St Euphrosyne of Alexandria. In the middle of the XVI century she was canonized.
Initially the convent was made of wood, however, several stone constructions were erected in the 16th-17th centuries, about the same time as at the other monasteries of Russia.

he oldest building of the convent preserved to this day is the Cathedral of the Deposition of the Robe (1520-1560). With its three helmet domes the Cathedral reminds the Moscow Kremlin’s Archangel Cathedral.
The 72 m belfry (1813-1819), rises from the east wall of the convent. It is the tallest building of Suzdal and the latest structure of the Monastery. The belfry was built to commemorate the victory over Napoleon in the war of 1812.
The notable attraction of the convent is the Holy Gates (1688) which is located in the southern wall of the monastery. The gates are richly decorated, because they served as the main entrance and were used for ceremonies. The gates are formed by two arches adorned with stone carvings and glazed tiles. The Gates overlook the “Staraya” street, which was formerly the main street of the settlement.
After the revolution in 1923, the monastery was closed. The premises of the monastery housed the guards of Suzdal’s political prison, whereas the power plant was set in the cathedral.
In 1999, the nunnery was founded again in the Deposition of the Robe Convent. The cathedral resumed service. In 2007, the 800th anniversary of the monastery was celebrated.

Entrance fee: free. It’s possible to climb to the top of the Belfry — there’s a great view from up there. The access to the belfry costs 100 rub.

Address of Deposition of the Robe Convent: 79, Lenina str. (Rus: ул. Ленина, д. 79)
The Convent is open daily but it can be closed during the Orthodox holidays without prior notice.


GPS coordinates of the Deposition of the Robe Convent:
Latitude: 40°26′45″
Longitude: 56°25′26″

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