Hot Air Balloon Ride

Duration: 60-90 min

Group: 1-4

Season: All year round

Language: English

Tour type: Air Tour, Adventure

Tour price: from 42000 rub per group

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Explore the beautiful suburbs of St. Petersburg during the Hot Air Balloon Ride. The woven wicker vessel will carry you to the heights of 150 meters and higher to see beautiful landscapes from awe-inspiring angles.

Take-off points are located in Puskin, Krasnoye Selo and Volkhov. These are arguably the best way to take in the breathtaking views of the region!
High up in the basket, you will float past Tsarskoye selo in Pushkin. You will see the Catherine’s Palace, Chinese Village, and the Palace and Park Ensemble.

Flying over Krasnoye Selo and Volkhov also guarantees fantastic views, above fields, rivers, and beautiful old churches.

Remember that only winds are responsible for determining the flight direction and you can never predict the endpoint of the journey.

The maximum height of the Hot Air Balloon Ride:
150 meters over Pushkin (Tsarskoye selo) and Krasnoye Selo
1500 meters over Volkhov.

Please note!
– Children under 10 years are not allowed to fly
– The Hot Air Balloon Ride isn’t operated in adverse weather conditions. The wind speed should not exceed 5 meters per second.

The price of the Hot air balloon ride: from 42000 rub per group
42000 rub per group of up to 3 persons
47000 rub per group of up to 4 persons

The price includes:
– Transfer from Pushkin/Volkhov/Krasnoe Selo to the starting point (it varies and depends on the wind direction) and way back.
– A 60-90-minute ride (duration depends on wind speed) over Puskin, Krasnoye Selo or Volkhov
– Champagne after the ride
– Interpreter

The price does not include:
– Transfer to the town of Puskin/Krasnoye Selo/Volkhov

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