Novosibirsk Planetarium

Novosibirsk is one of the several Russian cities with its own planetarium. Moreover, there are two of them here – the Big and the Small ones. The Small Planetarium celebrated its 60-s anniversary in 2012, the same year as it received its name after the opening of the Big Planetarium, the largest one in the Asian part of Russia.
The Novosibirsk Planetarium is a unique complex containing the Astrophysical Centre, the Foucault Tower, a park and

a two-storeyed building of the Planetarium which includes the Star Hall with a 16-metre dome, 2 observatory towers, lection rooms, a café and a scientific and technical museum for children. The Star Hall is situated on the first floor of the Planetarium and can seat 114 visitors.

The observatory towers are equipped with modern powerful telescopes. The museum contains interactive exhibits demonstrating physical principles and phenomena, and spaceship and astronomical telescope models. The Foucault Tower is located near the Planetarium building and has a Foucault pendulum with a 15-metre-long wire inside. It is used to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth.

The park around the Novosibirsk Planetariumis decorated with astronomic elements including the Sun and the planets of the Solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter) with their satellites as well as asteroids and comets, all of which are connected by paths.
The Novosibirsk Planetarium demonstrates fulldome films and video lectures, holds theatrical performances and musical concerts. When the weather permits,
astronomical observations can also be conducted.

Opening hours: daily except Monday from 10:00-19:00

Admission: 200 Rub

Website: (Rus)

Address: 1/1, Klyuch-Kamyshenskoye Plato (Rus: Ключ-Камышенское Плато, 1/1).

Latitude: 54.980871
Longitude: 83.035194

How to get to the Novosibirsk Planetarium:
Take a minibus 11 from the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station and go to the bus stop Planetariy.

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