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Sergiev Posad Transport

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Sergiev Posad [Rus: Сергиев Посад] can be reached from Moscow by bus, commuter train, or car.

To get to Sergiev Posad by bus

To Sergiev Posad

In Moscow tickets can be purchased onboard from the conductor short before departure.
Bus 388 leaves for Sergiev Posad from a bus stop near VDNKH metro station. To get to the bus stop: exit from the first carriage of the train heading from the city centre. Turn right in the underpass. On exiting the underpass, take a right, then cross the road at the crossroads. You will see the bus stop up ahead on your left.
Travel time is about 1h 30 min, depending on traffic. Buses depart every 10-15 min.
Bus is not recommended on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays due to traffic jams when people are leaving the city for their country houses.

From Sergiev Posad

Sergiev Posad Transport Bus terminal Bus terminal is located just opposite the railway station. There is a ticket office next to the boarding point where you can purchase tickets (2A, Kosmonavtov str., Rus: ул. Космонавтов 2А). The first bus departs after 5:00 am; the last bus departs at 9:00 pm. It’s also possible to reach Yaroslavl, Kalyasin, Dmitrov, Kostroma, Rostov, Taldom and many other towns and villages by bus from Sergiev Posad.


To get to Sergiev Posad by train

Sergiev Posad Transport railway stationAt peak hours, taking a commuter train (elektrichka) can be a great alternative to a bus or a car.
Take the suburban train from Yaroslavsky railway Station (Komsomolskaya metro station). Trains go about every 20-30 minutes. The journey takes an hour and a half.
The first train departs just after 5:00 am and the last train leaves Moscow just before midnight (see the train timetable). A ticket can be bought from ticket windows at the station (Rus: пригородные кассы [prigorodniye kassi]). Keep the ticket for the whole of your train journey!


To get to Sergiev Posad by car

Take the Yaroslavskoye highway (M8) and follow it for about 45 km (28 mi), then turn left at the sign to Sergiev Posad (Rus: Сергиев Посад). This road passes through the town.
Another convenient but pricier option is hiring a taxi. The cost of the trip might be negotiated.
Travel time is about 1 h and could be increased under traffic conditions, especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays when people are leaving the city for their country houses.



12 thoughts on “Sergiev Posad Transport

  1. amala joseph

    what is the cost of the bus from moscow to sergiev posad. wher can i board the bus back to moscow

    1. russia

      Buses of the route No. 388 “Sergiev Posad – Moscow” run every 10-15 minutes from the metro station “VDNH” in Moscow to the railway station of the city of Sergiev Posad. The return route is similar.

      The fare on the bus Moscow VDNH – Sergiev Posad: about 200 rubles.

      In Moscow, the conductor sells tickets immediately before departure,
      in Sergiev Posad there is a separate ticket office right at the bus stop where passengers are landing.

      In Moscow, bus number 388 leaves from the street. Cosmonauts, d. 2A. VDNH metro station – access to the All-Russian Exhibition Center (the first car from the center).

    1. russia

      The prices vary from 250 to 2500 rub per person and depend on the train you choose. See the timetable on the Russian railways company. Put Moscow in the field “departure” and Sergiev Posad in the field “arrival”.

  2. Ruby

    Hi. I plan to travel to sergiev posad on 1st Jun 2019. I want to departure around 7am and turn back around 3pm. I read that “Tickets for the suburban trains can be bought on the day of travel from the suburban ticket desks or from an automatic ticket machine.”..but can we buy it online? Thank you

    1. russia

      You can purchase tickets online for the long-distance trains only, tickets for the suburban trains are sold in the tickets offices in the railway station.

      See the timetable

  3. Mona

    Hi. I plan to travel to sergiev posad on 3rd sep 2018. I want to departure around 11am and turn back around 3pm. Is that possible? Because I read and found that moscow to sergiev posad timetable (round trip) they just have 5 trains a day.
    And again I found that they have a break 10am – 12pm (noon). Is that true?
    Thank you

    1. admin


      The bus departs from VDNKh bus station at 11.00. Travel time is 1h 15min. Arrival in Sergiev Posad at 12.15.
      From Sergiev Posad the bus departs at 15.00 and arrieves in Moscow at 16.17.

      Here are the train timetable on the 3rd sep 2018:

      From Moscow to Sergiev Posad:

      1. Train 117Я “Pomorye”:
      Departure from Moscow at 5.13, arrival to Sergiev Posad at 6.23

      2. Train 101Я “Yaroslavl-Moscow”:
      Departure from Moscow at 9.26, arrival to Sergiev Posad at 10.21

      3. Train 103Я “Yaroslavl-Moscow”:
      Departure from Moscow at 16.16, arrival to Sergiev Posad at 17.10

      4. Train 105Я “Yaroslavl-Moscow”:
      Departure from Moscow at 21.56, arrival to Sergiev Posad at 22.50

      From Segiev Posad to Moscow:

      1. Train 102Я “Yaroslavl-Moscow”:
      Departure from Sergiev Posad at 7.35, arrival to Moscow at 8.32

      2. Train 104Я “Yaroslavl-Moscow”:
      Departure from Sergiev Posad at 14.45, arrival to Moscow at 15.42

      3. Train 106Я “Yaroslavl-Moscow”:
      Departure from Sergiev Posad at 19.05, arrival to Moscow at 20.02

      4. Train 118M “Pomorye”:
      Departure from Sergiev Posad at 20.20, arrival to Moscow at 21.28

  4. Silvia

    Hello, I will be in Moscow at the beginning of June and was wondering whether there are taxis available at the Sergev Posad train station to go to the city center?
    Thank you!

    1. admin

      Hello Silvia!
      Normally there are taxi at the station. Moreover, you can use Uber or Yandex Taxi (Russian analogue of Uber). They are more reliable than private taxi at the station.


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