Suzdal Kremlin

The Suzdal Kremlin is the oldest part of Suzdal that laid the foundation for the settlement. The architectural complex of the Kremlin is surrounded by well-preserved 11th century earthen walls.

The heart of the Kremlin is the Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral (Rozhdestvensky), which stands right in the middle of the ensemble. The cathedral is considered the oldest preserved structure in Suzdal. It was originally built in 1222-1225 on the site of an earlier church erected by Vladimir Monomakh in the XI century. The earlier church was the first Christian church in Suzdal.
Only Cathedral’s lower part is original white stone, while the rest is 16th century brick. The walls of the cathedral are adorned with the ancient frescoes of the 13th – 17th centuries. The interior is famous for its golden gates (1230-1233). The gates are divided into squares with scenes of the life of Christ. The images were made of gold on black finished brass.

The Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral is also of interest as a burial place of Suzdal’s princes and bishops.

The bell tower was built in 1635. It was the first stone building in the settlement. The bishop’s house dates from the same period. The spiritual leaders of the city lived there. The house boasts a beautiful ceremonial hall – Cross Chamber – which was used for receptions.
Now the beautiful collection of Vladimir-Suzdal Museum of History and Art is located in the bishop’s house.

Another notable construction of the Suzdal Kremlin is the Church of St. Nicholas (Nikolskaya). Originally there was another church on this site but it burnt down in the 17th century. The present church was transported from the village of Glotovo in the 19th century to replace the earlier one. Noteworthy that there is the other St Nicholas’ Church in Suzdal that was built of stone in 1720-1739 and is located in the south-eastern part of the Kremlin.
Since 1992, the Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral, the bell tower, and the bishop’s house are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Nowadays, the Suzdal Kremlin is a museum with numerous exhibits dedicated to the history of Suzdal, old Russian painting, applied art and the treasures of the monasteries and churches.

Entrance fee:
The museum complex: 250 rub
Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral: 100 rub

Opening hours:
Open daily from 10.00 to 18.00 except Tuesday and last Friday of each month

Kremlyovskaya str. (Rus: ул. Кремлёвская)


GPS coordinates of the Suzdal Kremlin:
Latitude: 40°26′37.153″ (40.443654)
Longitude: 56°24′59.585″ (56.416551)

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