Upside-down House in Sheregesh

An Upside-down House is situated in the alpine ski resort Sheregesh near a group of hotels close to the Sky Way ski trail and a station of the gondola lift Sky Way. The visitors of the ski resort can easily observe it from a distance, because the House is at a height near the road.

The whole building with all the furniture, dishes, household appliances and home furnishings was put upside down. All the household appliances and training devices function normally as planned by the authors of the project. Staying inside the house is a serious challenge for the vestibular apparatus and mental perception of an adult. The house is not only turned upside down, but also has all its floors at a small angle creating a full spatial disorientation. A rare grown-up person can remain in the House for more than 15 minutes. Every weekend the visitors can take part in various competitions and drawing of different prizes.

Admission: 250 rub
Opening hours: 9.00-19.00

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