Vladimir Transport

Vladimir railway station

The railway station is located close to the historical centre of Vladimir, next to the bus station.
The Vladimir’s railway station is a major transportation hub. As Vladimir is situated on the Trans-Siberian railway many trains stop at the city (from Severobaikalsk, Kemerovo, Novy Urengoi, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm and other cities).


Address: 2, Vokzalnaya str. (Rus: ул. Вокзальная, 2)
GPS coordinates:
Longitude: 40°25’16.784”E (40.421329)
Latitude: 56°7’50.776”N (56.130771)


Vladimir Bus station

Central bus station is located within 5 minutes walk from the main street of Vladimir, directly in front of the railway station.
Vladimir Bus Station operates bus routes to other cities of the Golden Ring such as Yuriev-Polsky, Gorokhovets, Gus – Khrustalny, Murom, Kostroma as well as many other intercity routes to Nizhny Novgorod, Ivanovo, Ryazan, Moscow, etc.
On the square in front of the bus station there are plenty of private minibuses (marshrutkas) serving almost the same destinations that the bus station does. However, private minibuses don’t have an exact schedule and depart as soon as they are filled up.

Web site: www.vladavtovokzal.ru(Rus)
Address: 1, Vokzalnaya str. (Rus: ул. Вокзальная, 1)
GPS coordinates:
Longitude: 40°24’33.4”E (40.409278)
Latitude: 56°8’11.897”N (56.136638)


To get to Vladimir by train

Trains to Vladimir depart from Kursky railway station in Moscow. The journey takes about 2.5-3 hours. The train timetable. Keep the ticket for the whole of your train journey!
Three high-speed trains heading to Nizhny Novgorod (Sapsan, Burevestnik, Lastochka) depart from Moscow’s Kursky Railway Station and make a stop at Vladimir Railway Station. The journey takes about 2 hours.

To get to Vladimir by bus

Buses depart from Shcholkovskaya metro station of Moscow every 0.5-1 hour and travel 3-4 hours depending on traffic in Moscow.
However, it is more convenient to use private buses from the square near Kursky railway station. Normally, buses leave every half hour. Please note, there might be long queues for the buses at Friday and Sunday evenings.
The journey from St. Petersburg to Vladimir by train normally takes 10-11 hours, but, remember, Vladimir is best reachable from Moscow.

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