International festival of fireworks <br>2022

Brateyevsky Park  The eighth International festival of fireworks “Rostec” will bring together leading pyrotechnics of the world. Teams from eight countries (Russia, Austria, Armenia, Brazil, China, Romania, Croatia and Japan) will fire off about 60,000 volleys into the sky, which is 10,000 more than last year. About 27 tonnes of fireworks will be used in […]

Tank biathlon <br>August - September 2022

Alabino training field International Tank Biathlon is a variety of tank and armored vehicle events ranging from armored vehicle driving to gunnery. A Tank biathlon is a military sport with some similarities to the winter sport of biathlon. Tank crews will show the skills of rough terrain passing and the ability to provide accurate and […]

Russia Day <br>12 June 2022

Throughout Moscow Russia Day is the national holiday of the Russian Federation, which has been celebrated every year on June 12 since 1992. On this day, in 1990, Russian parliament declared Russian sovereignty from the USSR. Concerts and fireworks take place in many cities throughout the country. There is a big celebration and parade at […]

Red Square Book Festival <br>June 2022

Red Square The annual book festival takes place in Red Square and is timed to coincide with the birthday of Alexander Pushkin, and Russian Language Day. Throughout Red square, there will be book stands, tents for meetings with authors and round tables, spaces for children and master classes, and lounge areas. A stage will be […]

“Times & Epochs” Festival <br>June 2022

Throughout Moscow  12 days, 30 locations, and 6000 participants. Parks and squares, streets and boulevards will become camps for reenactors from all over the world. The idea of the festival is to gather in the Russian capital all the best from the world of mondial reenactment. Different epochs will be intertwined in the streets and […]

Victory Day <br>9 May 2022

Throughout Moscow  Victory day or 9 May marks the day when the German military surrendered to the USSR in Berlin in 1945. Book a cruise and see fireworks On May 9, 2022, Moscow will host a Victory Parade dedicated to the 77th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. For the first time, the […]

Spring and Labour Day <br>1 May 2022

Throughout Moscow In the former Soviet Union, 1 May was International Workers’ Day and was celebrated with huge parades in Russian cities. But after the collapse of communism the annual parade gave way to less political festivities. Remember, that April 30 to May 3 is an official day-off. On this day most of public offices […]

Paskha <br>24 April 2022

Throughout Moscow The Orthodox festival and holiday celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Paskha is how Russians call Easter, the main holiday of the Russian Orthodox Church. Believers end 40 days of fasting with midnight church services. During Paskha is customary to eat “Kulich” and “Paskha”, special yeast fruit cakes. Easter Gift […]

Cosmonautics Day <br>12 April 2022

Throughout Moscow  On April 12, 1961, the 27-year-old Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin circled the Earth for 1 hour and 48 minutes aboard the Vostok 1 spacecraft. In the Russia Cosmonautics Day was instituted as a memorable date.Celebrations on Cosmonautics Day start off with a commemoration ceremony in the city of Korolyov, which is considered the […]

Rehearsals of Victory Day military parade <br>3 - 4 May 2022

Throughout Moscow  Moscow visitors will be able to see military hardware rolling across Moscow’s streets during the rehearsals of Victory Day parade. In Moscow, rehearsals of the military parade will begin in May. The first run of military equipment will take place at night from 3 to 4 May. After that, two more rehearsals will […]