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Grelka Fest Tour

Grelka Fest TourDuration: 4 days/3 nights
Group: up to 40
Date: April 15-18, 2021 (to be confirmed)
Language: English
Tour type: Snowboarding and Skiing, Nature and Wildlife
Tour price: from 16,500 rub per person

Early booking discount – 8% (until March 31, 2021)


Book the Grelka Fest Tour and join the craziest Russian party that takes place on a ski slope!

The Grelka festival is the main attraction of Sheregesh known for bikini-clad girls descending from Green Mount. Skiers and snowboarders dressed in bikinis, swimsuits and carnival costumes hit the mountain slopes of the Sheregesh Ski Resort in mid-April. By this time, the air in Sheregesh warms up to + 15 ° C, so that the festival participants are comfortable in their bikinis and shorts.

Visitors to the Grelka Fest could also enjoy “Miss Sheregesh” bikini contest, extreme ski jumping in the pool, as well as numerous music shows and events.

Sheregesh is known for incredibly soft and powder snow that creates great conditions for freeride. The forest on the slopes prevents avalanches and low heights make the acclimatization fairly easy.

Another bikini descent takes place in Sochi in March in frame of the festival “BoogelWoogel”. Price of the tour to BoogelWoogel is upon request.

The Grelka Fest Tour description

Day 1, Thu
20:30 Pick up and transfer to the starting point
21:00 Transfer from Novosibirsk to the Sheregesh Ski Resort by bus. The journey takes 9-10 hours, check-in.
Day 2, Fri-Sat
Skiing and snowboarding, Entertainment, Participation in “Bikini-descent”.
Day 3, Sun
18:00 Leaving for Novosibirsk.
Day 4, Mon
4.00-5.00 Arrival in Novosibirsk

The price of the Grelka Fest tour: from 16,500 rub per person
6-Bed Mixed Dormitory Room – 16,500 rub per person
4-Bed Mixed Dormitory Room – 18,200 rub per person
Standard Room (1 queen bed, daily breakfast) – 29,500 rub per person
Other accommodation options are also available.

The price includes:
• Pick up service and transfer to the starting point
• Round-trip Novosibirsk – Sheregesh (by bus). We can also arrange transfer by private car (from 25000 rub round trip)
• Three nights accommodation in Sheregesh. Hotel varies by option selected

The price does not include:
• Insurance
• Food and drinks, unless specified
• Airfare: Moscow – Novosibirsk – Moscow
• Russian visa


Grelka Fest Tour



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    24 thoughts on “Grelka Fest Tour

    1. Ivanov

      If you travel to Russia….you have to learn Russian….if not….enjoy Highlands slopes.

    2. Petronela

      Privet. The price is around 20000 rul= 350$ per person. But is it for the entire weekend or is the price per person/ per day ? And in this price you say the equipment is included right? ☺️

      1. admin

        Hi Petronela,

        We have just arrived from Sheregesh. Unfortunately, the closest Grelka festival will take place next year.
        Don’t miss it!

    3. Samz

      Hey guys,

      Have the dates been announced ?

      Also, anyone tell me what is the best way to get to this location from Moscow or any other major city that British or Lufthansa Air can touch direct ?


      1. admin


        Yes, the bikini descent will take place on 13-15 April 2018.
        First you should go to Novosibirsk. Then take a bus to Sheregesh. Or book our Grelka Fest tour!

    4. Tim

      This event looks amazing, is accommodation available at some hotels please? Is it possible to get from Moscow to sheragesh on the trans Siberian express please??

      Many many thanks in advance


      1. admin

        Hi Tim!

        “is accommodation available at some hotels please”
        We booked accomodation for our tourists. We still have several options.

        “Is it possible to get from Moscow to sheragesh on the trans Siberian express”.
        Sheregesh isn’t reachable by the Trans-Siberian railway. The best way to get to Sheregesh is from Novosibirsk.. while Novosibirsk is just located on the route of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

    5. Martin Saez

      Good afternoon, I would like to know more, I would like to know the exact days in April that are celebrated.
      best regards
      Martin Saez

      1. admin

        Hello! The accurate dates aren’t announced yet. They will be known in late January-early February.

    6. Rene

      Can you take part in the party if you only want to party and want to experience something? Come from Germany.

      1. admin

        What do you mean?
        Everyone can join the party. It is free and takes place on the slope

    7. Luke

      yes i was thinking of doing some lessons anyway im thinking of going april 2019 roughly when will i be able to book for it? this does look like a realy fun experience

      1. admin

        The exact dates of the festival become known in December-January. It is better to book right after the announcement

    8. Luke

      hi i speak no russian and have no snowboarding experience but would like to come just to experience it would this be a problem? should i take snowboarding lessons first?

      1. admin

        Hi Luke!
        I think you should take several lessons first. There are some instructors in the resort who speak a little English.

    9. Helene Grelk

      The name Grelk or Grelka, where does it come from?? Is it Russian?? Asking because my Lastname is Grelk

      1. admin

        Good question!
        Grelka (Rus: ГРЕЛКА) is a Russian word for a hot-water bottle, a container filled with hot water used to provide warmth. The name reflects the hot nature of the festival 🙂

    10. Sacha


      I am curious as what the level on English speaking people will be here as I do not speak any russian.

      1. admin

        scarcely local people are fluent in english, though staff of bigger hotels speaks at least a little.

      2. Charlie

        It would surprise you just how many do speak English ,but even the ones that didn’t were very friendly as I was there last year and thought it was brilliant and so was russian people that’s why I’ve booked up again this year .

      3. Stas

        Outside of hotel staff very few people speak English fluently in Siberia. Do not expect people to understand you as most will not.


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