Myshkin Attractions

Tourism is the main industry of Myshkin which became a “must see destination” for cruise ships circulating along Volga river. This tiny town forms a peculiar living folk museum and provides entertainment for visitors of any age.

Museum of vodka Smirnoff
Smirnoff vodka was created by Pyotr Smirnoff, a serf farmer from Kayurovo village of the Myshkin District. After gaining freedom, he moved to the capital and founded the vodka production company, bearing the trade mark “P. A. Smirnoff”. By the end of the 19th century, his business grew into a largest company in Russia. Strong drinks of brand Smirnoff were awarded gold medals at various European and American exhibitions. Pyotr Smirnoff, a peasant-turned-millionaire, always adhered to the rule “Value honour more than profit!”.
The museum exposition is located in a beautiful wooden house. Among the items on display are personal belongings of the legendary entrepreneur, wine and vodka bottles from different eras, glasses, labels, etc. After exploring the exposition, visitors are offered to taste drinks.

Address: 21, Uglichskaya str. (ул. Угличская, 21)
Opening hours: 10.00-17.00 daily except Monday
Admission: 50 Rub

Museum of felt boots
Museum of felt boots (Valenki) is another unusual attraction of Myshkin. It was founded in 2000.
The valenki is national Russian winter footwear. The knowledge of felt boots making was passed from generation to generation, from previous workers to newcomers. Visitors will see the whole production process of valenki and can buy some museum articles. As visitors are able to buy valenki right from the exhibition, it is regularly changed and updated. Despite the fact that the museum is very small, it has quite a rich collection.
The ground floor of the museum houses a small museum of flax. This is a good reason to combine familiarity with the two traditional Russian crafts.

Address: 18a, Nikolskaya str (ул. Никольская, 18а)
Opening hours: daily 10.00-17.00. Normally, it takes half an hour to see all the museum exhibits.
Admission: 100 rub

Open air exhibition of retro machines
The exhibition features unique old cars, bikes, sleds and launches. There are also quite strange, but very interesting examples of retro machines: sausage manufacturing machine, lemonade machine, etc. Visitors can see most of them in action.

Address: 21, Uglichskaya str. (ул. Угличская, 21)
Opening hours: 10.00-17.00 daily except Monday

Mouse Museum
Opened in 1990, the museum has a richest collection of mouse-related items from around the world. There are hundreds of mice figures made of different materials using diverse art techniques. In fact, this is a big collection of toys.
The museum comprises two rooms; a visit generally takes 10-15 min.
Each visitor can contribute a “mouse gift” to the museum and leave his own mark here.

Address: 18, Uglichskaya str. (ул. Угличская, 18)
Opening hours: 10.00-17.00 daily except Monday

The museum “House of the miller”
The museum is located in a real mill, which was operated until the early 70’s. The mill once belonged to a prominent merchant Timofei Chistov. The furniture of the mill owner is authentically recreated in the museum .
Those who book a guided tour will get a detailed story about the history and operation of the mill and taste delicious muffins with tea prepared by the miller’s wife.

Address: 18a, Nikolskaya str. (ул. Никольская, д. 18а)
Opening hours: visit is by prior arrangement

Museum of wooden architecture
Museum of wooden architecture wonderfully conveys the atmosphere of the era, when the peasantry still existed. Among the exhibits one can find ancient wooden houses, bath houses (banya), a chapel, a smithy. All these buildings are available to visit. In fact, the museum is a slice of people lifestyle lived in Myshkin until the twentieth century.

Address: 21, Uglichskaya str. (ул. Угличская, 21)
Opening hours: 10.00-17.00 daily except Monday

Assumption Cathedral
Assumption Cathedral was founded in the early nineteenth century. before the revolution the Cathedral had been one of the main religious buildings of the city, but with the first half of the twentieth century, it was turned into a warehouse.
The cathedral houses a small museum with the original vestments and fragments of the cathedral’s initial interiors.
Once you are in the cathedral, be sure to visit its belfry, which enables a wide and impressive view over the town.

Address: Uspenskaya Square (Успенская площадь)

Nikolsky Cathedral
Founded in 1766, Nikolsky Cathedral is believed the oldest cathedral of Myshkin. In the XIX century it was rebuilt, and after the revolution turned into a movie theater. The cathedral was restored and today it is the current winter temple.

Address: Nikolskaya Square (Никольская площадь)


Myshkin will never let you be bored. Even its geographic location is another attraction in itself: the town is built on a natural terrace overlooking a bend of Volga river and offers a nice view of it.

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