Open air museum Tazgol

Ethnographical open air museum Tazgol is situated on the territory of the Shorian national park in the wide valley of the Anzas river mouth in the village of Ust-Anzas (60km from Tashtagol). The village lies at the foot of Aigan Mountain (989m high), sacred for the Shors.

“Tazgol” in the Shors language is “a flat meadow”. The display of the museum shows the cultural traditions of the mountain Shors. The household, customs and traditions of the original inhabitants of Mountain Shoria from the 6th century to the beginning of the 20th century are recreated in the exposition of the eco-museum.The first part of the exposition contains archeological and ethnographic reconstructions of the late Bronze Age and Medieval settlements and includes remnants of housing complexes, ancient smelteries, worship altars and burials. 

A number of such settlements were located directly on the territory of the eco-museum, on the floodplain terrace of the right bank of the Mras-Su river, in the Anzas river mouth.

The second group of the expositions is connected with the existence of the Shors ulus Karga in the ethnographical contemporaneity (17th-19th centuries). The ulus received its official Russian name Ust-Anzas in the end of the 19th century.

How to get to the open air museum Tazgol: The all-year-round transport connections are helicopter route Tashtagol – Ust-Anzas (one flight every Monday) and gravel road Sheregesh – Ust-Anzas (53km long).
Geographical position: Latitude 53°03’05.4″N, Longitude 88°25’00.4″E
Address: Kemerovskaya oblast, Tashtagol district, Ust-Anzas

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