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Registration in Russia

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You are required to register your stay within 7 business days of your entry in Russia. The person or organization that obtained your visa invitation is obliged to register you:

  • If you are staying in a hotel (hostel), its administration will register you for the period of stay.
  • If you are staying in an apartment (private home), registration may be carried out by its owner.

If the party that provided you with invitation is unable or unwilling to register you there are hotels and agencies that will do it for a fee.

Remember, it is in your interest to register your stay correctly and on time. If you don’t register then in fact it may lead to problems with the Russian authorities during your trip or you can be fined when leaving Russia.

Registration in Russia can be done at local branches of the Federal Migration Service, any post office and website

After your registration is done, you will be provided with a proof of your registration, which you must retain carefully till you exit Russia, because you will be required to submit it at passport control when you leave the country.

Once you have received your registration back, do check that the dates that have been put on it are correct.

Please note! The registration process must be completed in every city where you intend to stay for more than 7 business days during your entire stay in the Russian Federation.

Please note! If you have a multiple-entry visa and are going to re-enter Russia, then you will need to register again.

For Registration you will need the following documents:

  1. A copy of your passport.
  2. A copy of the migration card.
  3. A copy of your Russian visa (if you have it).
  4. A registration form

You don’t need to take a copy of the invitation, all necessary information is encoded on your visa.

Please note! Even if you don’t require a Russian visa, you still need to register with the Federal Migration Service upon arrival.

Please note! You are not required to register if you stay in Russia for less than 7 days.



6 thoughts on “Registration in Russia

    1. russia

      Please contact the Russian consulate in your country.
      In order to obtain a study visa, an educational institution in Russia has to issue an invitation for you.

  1. samuel

    Good morning sir.. I am from Nigeria, and i want to know the visa category issued on arrival in russia durring worldcup 2018 in Russia..

    1. admin

      The federal legislation establishes that during the time period of the holding of the sporting competitions entry into the Russian Federation by foreign citizens wishing to be spectators at the sporting competitions, and departure from the Russian Federation of such citizens will be carried out without the receipt of visas.


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