Russian Visa

Russian Visa Documents

Regardless of visa category, the applicant should submit the following mandatory documents to the Russian consular institution:


Valid international (diplomatic, service, regular) passport or another ID recognized as such in the Russian Federation.

The passport with at least 2 blank pages for visas must not cause doubt as to its authenticity and rightful belonging to the holder. It should be valid for at least 6 months after visa’s expiration date stated in the invitation.

Please note! For a study and a work visa, the passport validity term shall not expire earlier than eighteen months after the start of the visa validity period. For urgent cases foreign citizen can receive a private visa. In this case the passport validity period shall not expire before the end of the visa validity term (detailed information in section “Private visa”).

Completed visa application

Russian visa can be applied for directly with the Russian Consulate using the following link An application form should be filled and printed out before applying for visa. The Application form should be signed personally by the applicant.

Before you start filling in the application form, select the consulate or the visa application center, in which you are going to apply for. The application forms vary depending on country. Thus, the application form for the citizens of Australia, Great Britain, Georgia, Canada and the United States contains more fields than the regular one.
The interactive form should be filled in the language of the country of the applicant’s residence. Select the language before you start filling the questionnaire. If you can’t find the language you need, please select English or Russian.

Please note! Incomplete application forms would not be accepted. Any corrections in the application forms would not be accepted as well.

The application may take up to 1 hour to complete and requires very detailed information.

Please note!

• All fields of the application must be filled in

• Include your name as it appears in your passport

• Completing your electronic visa application form is only the beginning stage of your visa obtaining process! In order to be granted a visa you must submit all the required documents to the diplomatic representative authority, Consular department of the Russian Federation or Russian visa application centre, which you have selected on the electronic visa application form at the very start of your completion process.

• Be accompanied by a copy of your Application ID and password when you come to submit documents.

One photo of 1.18 by 1.57 inches (3.5 х 4.5 cm)

Photo (either black-and-white, or color) with a distinct image of the full face without sunglasses or tinted glasses. Head coverings and hats are acceptable only for citizens for whom permanent headwear is a mandatory attribute of their national or religious affiliation.

Visa fee

Detailed information on consular fees charged for visas can be obtained on the website of the Russian consular offices.

Russian visa documents required for different categories of visa

See detailed information in the Visa Types section.

A visa will be only be processed when a full set of documents is submitted to the consular office.

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