Tsaritsyno estate

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Tsaritsyno estate is located in the southern part of Moscow, in the park of the same name. Its history begins from 16th century. Since then the estate changed several owners and the one who left the most remarkable trace in its history was empress Catherine the Great.

Catherine bought the estate in 1775 and entrusted the greatest Russian architect Vasily Bazhenov with the task of building a country residence. Bazhenov started the work immediately. After a short time a great architectural complex in pseudo-Gothic style was drafted. The main palace (Bolshoy) was surrounded by numerous gates, bridges, arcs, pergolas, pavilions and other decorative elements. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, Catherine stopped to invest the building of the complex and eventually, in 1785, she ordered to tear down the main palace. There is no explanation still of that why she took such a weird decision.

Construction of the new palace was assigned to Matvey Kazakov, a student of Bazhenov. Kazakov tried to follow the style of his master, but the original look of the palace was changed a lot. In 1796, the construction was suspended by Catherine’s death. Unfortunately, since then the palace remained unfinished and abandoned for nearly two centuries. In the 1960s the park’s territory became a district of Moscow and gained the status of a protected historic zone.

In the 1980s authorities decided to restore the estate, and by the end of 1990s the whole complex was completed except the Bolshoi palace. Some decades had passed before the restoration of the palace was finished. In 2007, the Tsaritsyno Park and Estate was officially opened to the public.

Now the Tsaritsino park boasts not only historical architectural ensemble, but picturesque ponds, musical fountains, scenic landscapes and timeless atmosphere.

Opening hours: Park is opened from 6:00 am to 12:00 am.

Palace Complex:
– Tue through Fri 10:00 – 18:00,
– Sat 10:00 – 20:00,
– Sun and holidays 10:00 – 19:00.
Closed on Monday.

– Wed through Fri 10:00—18:00
– Sat 10:00—20:00
– Sun 10:00—19:00
Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Entrance fee: 150-780 depending on museum

To get to Tsaritsyno:
Latitude: 55°36′58″ N
Longitude: 37°40′58″ E
1 Dolskaya str.

The park is located in a 10 minute walk from Tsaritsyno or Orekhovo metro station (both belong to the green line).

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