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Ulan-Ude sightseeing tour

Ulan-Ude sightseeing tourDuration: 2 hours
Group: 20
Season: All the year round
Language: English, German, Mandarin, Mongolian
Tour type: Sightseeing
Tour price: from 1000 rub per person




Transiting through Ulan-Ude to Lake Baikal or traveling by Trans-Siberian Railroad? Explore Ulan-Ude in between your main destinations and enjoy a memorable visit.

Ulan-Ude sightseeing tour introduces visitors to the history and development of the town — from a mid-17th century Cossack frontier outpost to a modern cultural and economic center of Eastern Siberia. You will learn about its past and present and dream about its future. You will be introduced to the heritage of the multicultural Republic of Buryatia and see how Ulan-Ude is transforming itself into a prosperous and flourishing capital city.

You will visit Soviet Square and Theater Square and stroll down Arbat — the local walking street. You will stop at the historic central quarter with its old merchant houses — monuments of wooden and stone architecture of Russian Classicism, early 19th century Trading Arcade, and an imposing Hodegetria Cathedral — the first stone building in town built in the mid-1700s. You will also see modern buildings: the Buryat Drama Theater, Eurozone, Sport Complex, Russian Drama Theater, and the Rimpoche Bagsha Buddhist Temple with a viewpoint, from which you can see almost the whole city.


Ulan-Ude sightseeing tour Ulan-Ude sightseeing tour Ulan-Ude sightseeing tour Ulan-Ude sightseeing tour


The price of the Ulan-Ude sightseeing tour: from 1000 rub per person

The price includes: Transportation, Guide services.

The price doesn’t include: food and drinks.


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    7 thoughts on “Ulan-Ude sightseeing tour

    1. Caroline Hope

      Hi, I’m in Ulan Ude tomorrow and was wondering if there was availability for a walking tour of the city? I’m by myself. If it would work, how much would it be?

    2. Chun Tong CHOI

      Can you advice any transport arrangement or tour to Ivolginsky Datsan. I intended to visit there on 7 July 2019.


      Good Morning,
      We are intersted in a two hours sightseeing tour to visit Ulan Oude such as described on your website for two persons.
      Price 1000 roubles per person
      Only possible for us on Friday June 28th in the Morning
      Is it possible for you or is there any other possibility?
      Where is the meeting point.


      1. russia


        1000 rub is for the group tour, if the group consist of 10 people. By now we don’t know the timetabe of group tours in June.

        Private tour costs 1,500 rub per person (2 PAX). You can choose any day and time to have a tour.
        In addition, you can vary the tour duration and visit Ivolginsky datsan (additional 1,500 rub per person, 2 PAX).


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