A three-day tour “Pilgrim Track: A Visit to Khambo Lama Itygelov”

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights 

Group: 2-10

Season: March-October

Language: English

Tour type: Pilgrimage, Nature and Wildlife

Tour price: Upon request

A three-day tour “Pilgrim Track: A Visit to Khambo Lama Itygelov”

In 1927,  Khambo Lama Dashi-Dorzhi Itigelov took the lotus position and plunged into deep meditation. 30 years later his body was taken out of the grave. It was found to have been miraculously preserved, as if he’d only died yesterday. Forensic medical examination experts drew up a report, which stated that the skin of the body, the nails and the hair were safe, the tissues of the Lama were soft and flexible. So he’s been declared a sacred object of Buddhism.

We invite you to discover the world of Khambo Lama Itigelov and pave your own spiritual path.

Description of the tour “Pilgrim Track: A Visit to Khambo Lama Itygelov”:

Day 1 
Ulan-Ude – Egituysky Datsan – Aninsky Datsan – Ulan-Ude
Group gathering. A sightseeing trip to Egituysky Datsan (“datsan” – a Buddhist temple) located on the western bank of the Marakta river in Khara-Shibir vicinity (distance from Ulan-Ude -250 km, Yeravninsky district). Two short breaks en route.  A visit to Zandan-Zhuu (“Sandal Buddha”) statue – a unique lifetime statue of Buddha Sakya-Muni, one of the main Buddhist relics.  Lunch at a café (extra charge).
Journey to Aninsky Datsan  in Khorinsky district (100 km), where Khambo-Lama Dashidorjo Itygelov studied for 23 years . Now Sogchen Dugan – the main temple of the monastery – is being re-constructed: 108 Buddhist stupas were built and consecrated around the datsan in 2011. Exploration of the majestic remains of the old datsan, a unique specimen of Buryatia’s Buddhist architecture, one-and-only model of Buddhist architecture in lay-out and composition structure. Dinner on the way back at a café. Return to Ulan-Ude.

Day 2
Ulan-Ude – Murochinsky datsan – Otson-Khan (Kyakhta district)
A sightseeing trip to Murochinsky datsan “Baldan Brayboon” – the first settled datsan in the history of the Russian Buddhist Sangkha. A visit to the sacred rock with the surfaced prayer words of “Om mani padme hum ” and to the nearby Aryabala temple.
Lunch at a café near the datsan (extra charge).
A journey to Otson-Khan, a birthplace of the 1st Pandito Khambo-Lama Zayayev. Dinner. Overnight stay in a guesthouse or camping tents in a picturesque area on the Chikoy river bank.

Day 3
Talyn Khargana – Tamchinsky Datsan – Itygelov’s spring – Ivolginsky Datsan –  Ulan-Ude
Breakfast.  A journey to Talyn Khargana vicinity (90 km), a place where Pandito Khambo-Lama Zayayev passed away into Parinibbana. A sacred stupa – Suburgan.
A visit to Tamchinsky Datsan (60 km), one of the oldest surviving datsans in Russia, residence of Pandito Khambo-Lamas for over 150 years. Archeological monument – deer stone “Altan-Serge”.
Khambo-Lama Itygelov’s spring (70 km) in Ulzyn Doboo area (Orongoi vicinity), where Khambo-Lama Dashidorjo Itygelov was born.
A visit to Ivolginsky Datsan – the Center of Buhhdism in Russia.
Return to Ulan-Ude.

The tour program is subject to minor changes.

Tour price: Upon request

The price of the tour includes:  Transportation, 1 overnight stay on the Chikoy river in Otson-Khan vicinity. Guide services during the tour. Offerings, Khadaks on visits to sacred places and datsans. Dinner in Otson-Khan. Breakfast.

Extra costs:   Accommodation in Ulan-Ude, meals are not included in the tour programme.

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