Baikal extreme ice racing “Baikal ice storm”
11-13 February 2022

The unique project for lovers of extreme adventure! Spend three unforgettable days in the vast of winter Lake Baikal!

210 kilometers of ice … Ice skates, skis, bicycle …
Baikal extreme ice racing “Baikal ice storm” is the real test of character and personal empowerment.

Participant chooses a discipline to take part in the competition: skates, skis or bicycle.
The race consists of three stages, each of which lasts 1 day. The total length of the rout is 210 km (130 mi). The racers are accompanied by hovercraft along the way.
After each stage, participants are offered an overnight stay in local hostels. All the personal belongings of the participants are transported to the lodging place.


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