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Blagostina (or St Prince Dmitry’s day) is an Orthodox holiday dedicated to Prince Dmitry who died in Uglich and was canonized.

On May 15, 1591, Prince Dmitry, an eight-year-old son of Ivan the Terrible and an heir to the throne, was found dead. The Dmitry’s death led to a civil disorder in the city and political crisis in Russia known as the Time of Troubles.
Within 10 days of the holiday, Uglich hosts various charity events dedicated to Russian children. Blagostina attracts pilgrims from all the country, who wish to protect their kids from the evil and illnesses.
Traditionally on this day, a solemn service is held at the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. A big «Uglich chime» accompanies the celebration.
Main festivities including games, songs, dances, and various competitions is held in the central square of the town.

Venue: Throughout Uglich
Event cost: Free

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