Festival of ice sculptures “Crystal Seal” <br>December 2016 – February 2017

Festival of ice sculptures “Crystal Seal” is embodiment of successful collaboration of human art and nature. All the sculptures of the festival are made of the pure Baikal’s ice. The number of sculptures usually varies from about 15 to 30 and depends on the number of teams taking part in the competition. It is advisable […]

Sagaalgan <br>26 Februrary 2017 (To be confirmed)

The word “Sagaalgan” is translated as “White Month” from the Buryat language and is associated with coming spring. In the last decades many Buryats have moved into Irkutsk from the countryside. Buryat culture has made a real resurgence in the city. Sagaalgan is a New Year by Lunar Calendar which is widely celebrated in the Buryat Republic and […]

Maslenitsa <br>February 20-26, 2017

Maslenitsa (also known as Butter Week, Crepe Week) is the oldest surviving Slavic folk holiday. The fun festival celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Pancakes (rus: Блины [Blini]) are usually baked in large quantities and shared among friends and family to symbolize the sun and warmth. Maslenitsa lasts for up to […]

Museums at Night <br>20 May 2017

Almost all museums of Irkutsk will be accessible free of charge all day long until late at night. Museums at Night is an annual festival designed to encourage people into museums, galleries and heritage sites by showing off the best they have to offer. Venue: Different museums of Irkutsk Event cost: Free

Irkutsk City Day and City Carnival <br>June 4, 2017

Each year, on the City day, you can enjoy the concerts, festivities, fireworks, and other fun events. The Irkutsk City Day is held annualy on first Sunday of June. In 2017, the city will celebrate its 356th birthday. Among the events deserving special attention is the City Carnival. The carnival “Shagaem Vmeste” (Walking together) has […]

Youth Day <br>June 24, 2017

On the Youth Day both kids and adults will find the attraction of their taste. The festival is held annualy on last Saturday of June. On the Youth day, the city immerses into the atmosphere of fun, color festival, 3D show, open-air dance shows, games, and workshops. Among numerous events, there will be a free […]

Annual festival “Cultural Capital” <br>23-25 June 2017 (To be confirmed)

What began in 2014 as a small project designed to diversify the city’s social life, by 2016 developed into one of the main cultural events of Irkutsk. The festival lasts 3 days. The first day is devoted to classical art and features joint performances of the Irkutsk Symphony Orchestra and leading Russian Orchestras. Other days […]

VI Festival Erdyn Games <br>July 2017 (To be confirmed)

The international ethno-cultural festival Erdyn Games (Erdyn Naadan) will bring together shamans and athletes. The Erdyn Games festival is held once in two years. The festival program includes Buryat national struggle, throwing 10-pound stone at a distance, shooting from the traditional national archery, shearing sheep, running on 800 meters around the mountain Ekhe Erd, stick […]