VI Festival Erdyn Games
July 2017 (To be confirmed)

The international ethno-cultural festival Erdyn Games (Erdyn Naadan) will bring together shamans and athletes.

The Erdyn Games festival is held once in two years.
The festival program includes Buryat national struggle, throwing 10-pound stone at a distance, shooting from the traditional national archery, shearing sheep, running on 800 meters around the mountain Ekhe Erd, stick pulling, playing Buryat chess “Shatar” and this list isn’t going to end.
The cultural program will include Yokhor, a traditional circle dance, around the hill Erd. To enclose the circle at least 700 participants are needed.

A traditional contest “Beauty of Erdynsky games” will take place as a part of the festival. Unmarried girls from 15 to 26 years will have to complete four competitive tasks.

Venue: The west shore of the Baikal in the valley river Anga at the foot of the hill Ekhe Erd.
Event cost: Free
Website: (Rus)

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