Savior of the Cherry Feast Day
10 July 2016

Tourists will be able to participate in the ritual celebration of “Savior of the Cherry Feast Day”.

The festival is held at the beautiful site of the Saviour hill near the Patriarch’s gardens.
Feast of Pomona is an ancient festival of cherry picking.
Culinary masters will cook various cherry treats: fresh pastries, cakes, cherry candies, soft drinks, ice cream, etc.

Venue: Patriarch’s gardens
Address: 5, Kozlov Val str. (Rus: ул. Козлов вал, д. 5)
The park located in a 10 min walk from the Golden Gate.
GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 40°23′58.369″ (40.399547)
Longitude: 56°7′30.029″ (56.125008)
Event cost: Free

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