Summer Navigation Season
April – November 2021

Neva River

April to November, drawbridges are opened for a few hours during the night to let ships pass through. This is one of the best city show.

As the Neva river is covered with ice between mid-December and early April, ships are unable to navigate the river.
With the spring arrival, the river turns into a busy “highway” with a wide range of different vessels from passenger tour boats to cargo ships.
Over a dozen city bridges are drawbridges, which should be raised every night during the navigation season according to a stable schedule. Once you are in Saint Petersburg, follow the schedule to avoid being stuck in one part of the city.
The bridge raising is one of the best city show. A walk along the embankments at this time or a ride on a cruise boat will leave an unforgettable impression about St. Petersburg at night.

Venue: Neva River
Event cost: Free

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