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Suzdal Events

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Suzdal Events victory day

Victory Day
9 May 2017

Victory day or 9 May marks the day when the German military surrendered to the USSR in Berlin in 1945.


This day became the end of the Second World War (also known as the Great Patriotic War) for the USSR. As a rule, military parade is held in Suzdal this day. Next to Torgovaya Square a field kitchen will be operating.

Venue: Torgovaya Square
Event cost: Free


Suzdal Events Euthymius monastery Museums at Night
20-21 May 2017

Suzdal’s museums will be accessible free of charge all day long on May 21 till late at night.


Museum complex of St. Euthymius monastery will change its schedule. Normally the museum closes before dark, however, during the festival visitors will have an opportunity to see the monuments of St. Euthymius monastery at night.
Museums at Night is an annual festival designed to encourage people into museums, galleries and heritage sites by showing off the best they have to offer.

Venue: Different museums of Suzdal
Event cost: Free


Suzdal Events troitsa

4 June 2017

Troitsa is a holiday commemorating the arrival of the Holy Spirit amongst the apostles and other disciples of Jesus.


The Troitsa or the Day of the Holy Trinity is celebrated 7 weeks (or 50 days) after Easter Sunday.
Visitors of the festival will be able to see the ancient celebrating traditions of Troitsa, listen performances of folk groups. Traditionally, folk crafts festival takes place during Troitsa. Craftsmen will present their works and acquaint visitors with a process of creation of craft items.

Venue: Museum of wooden architecture of Suzdal
Address: 27Б, Pushkarskaya str.  (Rus: Пушкарская улица, д. 27Б)
Event cost: Free


Suzdal Events ivan kupala

Ivan Kupala
Early July 2017

Traditions and activities associated with this holiday is closely linked to Pagan rituals.


Usually people lit bonfires to dance around and leap over. Another tradition was to pour water on everyone in sight. It is believed that the acts of jumping over bonfires and water pouring purify people from bad luck and sickness.

Venue: Largest hotels of Suzdal
Event cost: Free


Suzdal Events Ancient Suzdal

“Ancient Suzdal” festival
July 2017 (To be confirmed)

Dedicated enthusiasts and members of historical reconstruction clubs from all over Russia will gather in Suzdal for two days.


Military History Festival ancient Suzdal is held annually in July. It is a fantastic experience to learn and see what things was like in ancient times of Russian history. The festival program includes demonstration of medieval clothes, reconstruction of military battles, equestrian tournaments and various workshops.

Venue: banks of the Kamenka River
Event cost: Free


Suzdal Events Cucumber festival

Cucumber festival
15 July 2017

The Cucumber Festival takes place annually in midsummer during harvest of vegetables.


Suzdal considers itself the cucumber capital of Russia. The cucumber festival provides parades, contests and concerts, music and dancing, games and raffles, and cucumbers prepared in every way possible. Even cucumber jam is represented to make tourists wonder.

Venue: different locations around the city
Event cost: Free


Suzdal Events day of city

The day of Suzdal
12 August 2017

The history of Suzdal dates back to as early as 1024. In 2016 the town will celebrate its 993 birthday.


The day of the foundation begins by tolling in numerous bells of monasteries followed by sounding of trumpets. The programme of the day includes a wide range of entertaining, contests or competitions, games, folk merrymaking and of course a national russian dance “Khorovod”.

Venue: different locations around the city
Event cost: Free


Suzdal Events Savior of the Apple Feast Day

Savior of the Apple Feast Day
19 August 2017

This holiday has a pre-Christian origin and is associated with harvesting of ripe apples.


During the Apple Feast the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral held a festive liturgy and consecration of apples. On this day people eat apples, apple pies, or other dishes containing apples.

Venue: Transfiguration Cathedral of the St. Euthymius Monastry
Event cost: Free


Suzdal Events Euphrosinia FairEuphrosinia Fair
7 October 2017

For several centuries a major Russian agricultural fair has been taking place in Suzdal.


The fair received its name Euphrosinia from a local saint whose birth falls on October – the time of the fair. The fair is a wonderful action, with performances by folk groups, singers and dancers. Visitors will be able to buy products of Russian agricultural enterprises and farms.

Venue: Torgovaya square
Event cost: Free



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